New year fitness goals are very common, we all write some fitness goals every year but that paper or phone memo is as far as it goes. Just like every year you should make a new years resolution this year as well but there should be something different this year which is you are actually going to follow it is this year and achieve your fitness goals. We are going to help you achieve your fitness goals with  five easy tips this year which make you feel good and very productive. So here we go…

Tip # 1

First and the foremost tip is that you need to tell yourself that you are responsible for everything that you achieve and fail in achieving. You are the force and only you have the power to get anything in life that you want. Respect your decision of this lifestyle change. Consider that if you don’t respect your smallest decisions no one else will respect your bigger decisions in life. Having the right mindset is very important to succeed in achieving any goal you want.

Tip # 2

Tip number two is to ask yourself why you want to workout and get fit. Having the right reasons to start working out is very important. The answer to that “why” would be your motivation to achieve your goal for the next year. So make sure you put proper thought into it and get the right answer. You should be doing this only and only for yourself and your own physical and mental health. Let no one else tell you otherwise.

Tip # 3

It’s so important to make S.M.A.R.T goals which means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. So you need to know what you are looking for and how much time it would take you to achieve it and how you are going to manage to achieve this goal. For example you want to lose maybe 10 pounds by the end of January and 10 pounds the following month and then you want to have certain amount of body fat percentage by the end of a specific time so you need to make a plan for that and follow them. All the smaller goals are going to add up for you to achieve a bigger goal.

Tip # 4

It is very important for you to appreciate yourself everyday for making it to the gym or completing your workout at home. Only you would know the major differences that come in you first and then other people. So don’t worry about other people and motivate yourself to do better everyday. Treat yourself with your favorite meal once in a while and maybe buy yourself something you have always loved after achieving one of your smaller goals.

Tip # 5

The last and most important tip for you is that you stay CONSISTENT. No matter how hard it gets and how bad of a day you have make sure you make the right choices. Only after being consistent you would be able to achieve any goal let alone the fitness goal. You need to promise yourself that you are going to make it to the gym everyday and you are not going to let anything come in the way. You need to beat the laziness and win over your thoughts to get yourself out of the bed and work on yourself.

Always remember that real beauty lies in your heart. No matter how you look you look perfect and there is no need to come under pressure of the society regarding your image. You should only be changing your lifestyle for your own mental and physical well being. I hope these tips help you achieve whatever goals you have in life. Let me know if they were helpful in the comments below. Cheers!!

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