Say Yes to the Pole Dance! This Is All You Have to Know About It

Let your taboos out and dare to make, literally, a twist in your life with the pole dance.

This practice has become a popular way to exercise today, practiced by thousands of men and women around the world.

There are international organizations and associations that seek to categorize pole dance as a sport, and even better as art.

Before telling you some tips about it, a little bit of its story.

The origins of this discipline go back to the 12th century and have been influenced by different activities that were practiced in China, India, and German and French circus shows.

Although pole dance is considered related to prostitution and nightclubs, the truth is that currently is considered a high-performance exercise and a good option to stay in shape.

Now, here a few things you should know about pole dance, according to Actitud Fem, in case you’re interested (that I’m sure you’re if you came this far).

A complete and fun way to exercise

You can exercise to the rhythm of the music and little by little you will learn to control your body to discover that you’re capable of incredible postures.

For sure, you will also dance sensually and will enjoy yourself.

From class one, you will notice that you will begin to practice flexibility, strength, endurance, and patience.

All of these will increase gradually.

pole dance
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Helps improve self-confidence

It’s not always easy to dance in front of a group of people or go out in shorts to do exercises, but you will learn to.

As long as you progress in the classes, you will see that you will regain confidence in yourself.

You will feel comfortable regardless of your outfit or the people around you, especially when you start toning your muscles.

No matter your size or the shape of your body

Some people think that if they have overweight won’t be able to hold up the body practicing pole dance.

Or, if they are too skinny, won’t have enough strength to hold themselves.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter. Everyone goes to the class for learning, and each one will find her unique style to practice pole dance.

Don’t be afraid to start.

Friendship and companionship, a big plus on pole dance

Many of the exercises require constant supervision and help.

That’s why, naturally, you will create relations based on confidence and respect.

You will make friends who will be by your side to support you on everything: from show you how to make a sexy position for a photo, to hold your body down the pole, in case you can’t do it.

Now that you have this information about pole dance, you can see that is all about perceptions.

This discipline can bring you big benefits if you give yourself a chance to try.

Have you tried it? What can you share with us?


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