7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Next Apartment Move

Tip 1: Don’t pay for boxes

There are plenty of ways to score free, gently used boxes – usually the answer is just a few feet from your new front door. There are always lots of people moving in and out of apartments. Ask your new neighbors and your new apartment management. Many complexes have resident portals or community facebook pages.  People are usually happy to give those boxes a second life rather than throwing them in the dumpster.

Tip 2: More is More

More tape, more boxes, more friends. When moving more is more! There is nothing worse than thinking you are finally done packing up a room only to realize at 1:00 am you are out of tape. Get what you think you need and then get even more. Remember you can always return what you don’t use.

Tip 3: Think outside the box

When you’ve gotten the bulk of your apartment packed away you’ll be surprised at the odds and ends you discover. Sure, you can play packing tetris, but at some point you need to accept that not everything in life can be contained to a standard, medium size box.

Bags are your new best friend. Trash bags are great for soft, light things like bedding. It’s also worth investing in a few of the giant plastic bags from Ikea. They are cheap, durable, easy to carry, and ideal for odd sized things like large picture frames (just don’t forget to wrap them).

Tip 4: Hang in there

There’s no need to fold and pack all of your clothes just to unpack them and rehang them in a new closet. Remember those garbage bags? Use them to cover your clothes and tie the strings around the hanger hooks. You’ll be surprised at how many fit in one bag.

This will keep your clothes organized and clean. Hang them up first thing in your new place. Save your rolling suitcases for other, heavier things.

Tip 5: Mix and Match

It may be tempting to pack up room by room, but you can save materials by mixing things up. Your towels and winter scarves make great cushions for your glass cups and plates. You’ll be grateful later if you put some pillows in with the heavy books box.

Tip 6: Plan ahead

Does your apartment have a freight elevator? A doorman? A gate code? Do you know the best spot to park your moving truck without blocking in your new neighbors? A quick call ahead of time to your new place can usually answer most, if not all, of your questions.

Plus let’s face it, at least one of your friends is going to get lost in the parking lot maze that is your new home. Figure out directions and landmarks now – not when you’re surrounded by boxes.

Tip 7: Ask for help

Sure, your cousin says they’re going to be there at 8:00 am to load up the truck, but we all know the promise of free pizza can only do so much. It never hurts to enlist a little professional muscle.

Need help packing? There’s a mover for that. Heavy, but precious piano? There’s a mover for that. Moving tomorrow? There’s a mover for that. Check out all our movers here: https://www.thegoodluck.com/classified-ads/home-improvement/movers/1/

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