Solutions for Tooth Sensitivity

Have you struggled with sensitive teeth?  Felt a sharp pain when swallowing cold or hot liquids? Unfortunately I have personal experience with this painful  issue. Here’s what I’ve learned:  

Invest In A Night Guard

Tooth grinding or bruxism is a common cause for sensitive teeth. While sleeping, you may be completely unaware that you are grinding your teeth. Grinding teeth can cause enamel erosion or fine cracking in your teeth both which lead to painful tooth sensitivity.  I first bought an over the counter $30 night guard at my local Walgreens. The instructions were simple and I was able to mold it to my mouth. However, I found it bulky in my mouth and could not tolerate wearing the night guard throughout the night. 

Next, I went to my dentist.  A custom night guard cost me $400.  I learned a few tricks about adjusting to a night guard from the dentist.  First, a person only needs an upper night guard to protect both upper and lower teeth (hence my issue with both bottom and top night guards being too bulky in my mouth) . Second, if you wear the night guard initially in the daytime for a few hours, it will help your mouth to adjust to having an appliance in your mouth throughout  the night.

Since I bought the night guard from my dentist, I have learned there are  a  variety of custom mouthguards you can buy online, such and  They range in prices from $80 to $200.  I will definitely be checking out these more economical values when I am in the market for a new night guard. 

It took me a couple months to adjust to wearing a night guard but the rewards have been worth my perseverance.  Keep trying…it will get easier!

Use Toothpastes For Sensitive Teeth

I found these sensitive toothpastes critical in abating the pain of my sensitive teeth. There is no immediate relief but using it regularly has really helped my discomfort. The brand I prefer is Sensodyne but most big toothpastes carry a brand for sensitive teeth.  Experiment and find which one works best for you! If pain persists, you can dab a small amount of this toothpaste in the location where you are experiencing discomfort.  Also make sure and use a gentle and soft toothbrush so you don’t aggravate the problem

Use Fluoride and Sensitive Teeth Mouthwash

The dentist taught me that fluoride helps to remineralize our teeth and repair enamel. So now, I  rinse with Listerine Total Care Mouthwash (Purple color) to give myself a flouride treatment after each brushing. I usually swish it around in the side of my mouth to warm the liquid before exposing all my teeth to the mouthwash which assures a painless application. Listerine also has a Sensitivity Alcohol Free Mouthwash that claims to have an ingredient that builds calcium oxalate crystals in your exposed dentin tubules.  Used regularly this product can block tooth pain.

Avoid Acidic Food and Drinks

Acidic foods and drinks contribute to this problem of sensitive teeth by eroding enamel.  I am a serious Diet Dr Pepper drinker and I almost cried when my dentist informed me that this and other drinks like coffee and wine are bad for the enamel on our teeth.  I have not been able to give up my soda habits but I do two things to reduce the effects of acidity on my teeth.  First, I always use a straw and second,  I try to rinse my mouth out with water after drinking acidic beverages. The worst thing you can do is be a slow sipper throughout the day.  Choose a short time to drink your beverage and then move on with your day.

I hope this helps fellow sufferers with sensitive teeth. Don’t hesitate to contact your dentist to describe chronic or new pain.  

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