7 tips to creating a MAGICAL GARDEN in small space

Just like Richard Briers said; “A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever”. Gardening is such a beautiful hobby to have, it’s so good for you. Gardening helps to have good skin, cleanses the air, makes your environment fresh, you can have your own organic vegetables and fruits. It is so good to keep you busy and inhale fresh air after being outside inhaling all the toxic air from our day to day surroundings. As most of us like the idea of gardening but small spaces has always kept us away from starting our own garden  but now you can even make a little garden in you small space as well that too very easily. You can recycle so many of your good at home to create a cute little garden.

You can grow vegetables in it if you want or plant different pretty flowers that would make your house look great and a heaven on earth for you. So without further ado let’s get started with how we can create this beautiful garden. Here are some tips to help you have your own little garden at home;

Add flowers and flowering pots

If you want a garden but don’t have a lot of space don’t worry and just get some flowering pots. If you don’t want to spend money on buying pots you can reuse some of your dishes at home that you don’t use anymore as pots. You can also use many plastic bottles and tin cans as flowering plants. You can also use these pots to plant mint and other herbs for your kitchen to use. This way you are also saving the environment from the harmful effect of plastics they have on it and using it in a beneficial way to make you garden look very pretty.

Control weeds

Weeds can look very pretty sometimes but they can be very harmful because they take away all the nutrients that are needed for our plants to grow especially if you have a small garden. So make sure to remove the weeds before they get to the roots so you can have a healthy garden. You can use mulches and stones as well to prevent weeds from growing.

Add plants around a pattern

Gardening has a bit of artistic side to it as well so you can get creative and use different patterns and rhythms to make you garden the best. Repeat different flowers and plants to create a rhythm that’s very appealing to your eyes creates a great look. Use any corner, stairs and porch to create a pattern of plants. You don’t have to do it in any set way do it just how you like it and what looks good to you.

Create a theme

While choosing your plants have a theme in your mind and buy plants accordingly. Having a theme would help you make the best choices and you just won’t end up with a huge pile of plants in your house that you would get bored of taking care of in no time. Our eyes like things that follow a set pattern and are in certain flow so make sure you have a flow in your garden too so it brings a vibe of fresh air to your home.

Use edible herbs and flowers

You don’t have to only plant flower you can also use multi-functional edible herbs and vegetables that you can eat as well. Cherry tomatoes, lemons and capsicum and chillies work so well in smaller gardens and also adds a lot of beauty to it. Research about all the vegetables you can grow in home and you can even produce your own vegetable for regular food which will save you money as well as would be the best quality.

Add accessories

Use small cute accessories to decorate your garden with. Small bird houses and other little ornaments can add so much beauty to your garden. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get these ornaments check out your local goodwill stores and thrift shops where you can find so many beautiful objects that you can use as ornaments. Used candle holders and lamps can become such a great staple to use in your garden.


If you have smaller space try and avoid getting huge pieces of furniture. Stick to a small coffee table and comfy little chairs. It will save you a great amount of room which you can use for other pretty things. Get a small reading chair that you can hang and decorate the rest of the space for putting very pretty plants. Use pretty scented flowers to use as your table centerpiece because that will be the main focal point of you garden where everyone would want to sit.

I hope this article gives you enough inspiration to create a beautiful, magical and fairytale garden in your house. Make sure to comment below any tips and ideas you might have for a small garden. Cheers!!!

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