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Follow These Advices to Fill in Your House With Positive Energy

The way we decorate our homes reveals a lot about our personality. But first, let’s fill in with positive energy.

We have to make better decisions to decorate with the proper keys to fill in our home with healthy vibes.

That’s why Diana Quan author of “The Paradise is your house”, left you these tricks to change that spirit at home, thanks to Elle Decor.  

Prioritize your house

Become your home, your temple.

Instead of looking for paradise outside, on distant vacation, you can create an oasis of relaxation and creativity in your own home.

Kaizen Philosophy

Try to make a small improvement every day, for example, ordering a shelf or hanging a new painting.

This will do more for your home than an intense effort that leaves you exhausted.

Living room

Furniture and lighting are the most important things where you want to sit down.

This, plus landscapes and the relaxing images, will give the room the right atmosphere.

positive energy
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Diana Quan recommends leaving the sink away from the stoves because they are opposite elements.

If this is not possible, put some metal or wood between them, such as a cutting board or kitchen jars that serve as a border.


Avoid placing mirrors in sight. If you need one, it should be inside a closet door.

A great idea is to hang a dreamcatcher, it will help you to rest better and will bring positive energy to your night times.  

Purify the environment

A rosemary plant is good to purify the air and improve the mood and vitality of spaces.

The aloe vera is also a good choice. It absorbs bad vibrations and, according to an oriental belief, attracts prosperity.

Work with colors

Blue and green are colors with a calming effect on restless or stressed people.

Yellow, orange, and red are stimulating and soft and warm colors helpful with inner peace.

A home spa

How is it possible? It can be achieved with and indoor plant or a vase of flowers.

Plus, add some pretty candles and essential oils in a corner to give a pleasant aroma.

The important thing is to have an area of the house that inspires serenity and fullness.

positive energy
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Natural woven fabrics

Opt for sofas, armchairs, beds, and tablecloths, fibers that have not received chemical treatment, they are healthier.

Also cotton, better from organic production, linen, hemp, wool, and silk.

Clean the house of negative elements

As you remove any source of dirt or moisture, you must remove too withered flowers and not expose lifeless animals, such as seashells.

Get rid of broken objects, battery-free watches, sharp objects or antiques that weigh emotionally.

These are just a few steps to achieve an emotional and mental balance in life.

Tell us, what you do to balance your positive energy.


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