These Are the Steps for a Skincare Daily Routine to Get That Perfect Glow

Have you ever think of karma? Well, our skin has memory and remember all those nights when we didn’t do our skincare daily routine thoroughly.

And karma appears to remember that with the aspect of our skin!

We’re always a little lazy when it comes to clean our face as we should.

If we apply a correct and permanent routine of cleaning, it will remove dead skin cells and restore vitality.

It also gets rid of impurities and prevents premature aging.

According to Garnier, there are two types of facial cleansing that we all must apply for life.

Daily routine

With this one, we eliminate impurities and keep the skin young and hydrated.

There are some keys to show a splendid face, healthy, smooth and without imperfections.

We must apply this routine twice a day, in the morning, to eliminate the excess of grease that it has generated during the night.

And before going to bed, to take out all the dirt accumulated throughout the day.

Keep something in mind: at night is when the skin is better nourished of all vitamins the creams provide us.

Plus, is the moment which the cells regenerate.

Let’s get started. Make a ponytail, so the hair does not get oiled with creams and other products.

Begin your skincare daily routine with cleansing milk or Micellar water, the one you prefer.

These are good since removing dirt without irritating skin.

Apply it on the face and massage skin, to take off the layer of makeup, reaching the last corner.

Remove it with damp cotton, to get, as a result, a smooth and hydrated skin.

Later, remove your mascara with micellar water in oil. Wash and dry your face gently.  

Tip: if you have mixed, oily or acne-prone skin, clean it with a facial gel for a correct cleansing.

This is because some gels have antibacterial formulas that help control it.

After this step, apply moisturizer. It’s absorbed and hydrates the face and provides all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

If you use serum, use it now, at this phase, always avoiding the contour of the eyes.  

Serum and cream are both useful. They complement each other very well and provides the vitamins that during the night will make the skin recovers from the damage of the day.

If you have a specific eyes contour cream, apply it too.

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Intensive routine

In addition to the skincare daily routine, you must do every 10 or 15 days, an intensive routine to remove all the dead cells accumulated during the days.

It also provides the nutrients you have been losing.

So, this routine consists of two steps.

Exfoliate your skin. It contributes to eliminating all kinds of impurities.

This process allows the epidermis to oxygenate and tone, it supports cell renewal and repairs the skin.

Do not apply it scrub on your face if you have burned skin or irritated.

The second step, after the exfoliation, it’s to put on a mask.

It allows a greater absorption and the skin is ready to receive the nutrients and vitamins needed.

Before putting on your mask, use a cotton swab with tonic to regenerate the moisture that your face should receive.


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