Renew Your Bathroom Without Expending The Savings Of Your Life

If you need to renew your bathroom and with little money, these ideas are just for you.

The bathroom is one of the spaces whose renovations tend to produce a little scare, especially when you only have one.

But the biggest scare is to think about how much are we going to spend on this renewal.

One advice is to try to do the arrangements in different phases, with some regularity over time.

Considering all that’s been through your mind, we left you these tips to renew your bathroom as a whole new area, according to Homify.  

Chalkboard walls

These chalkboard bathroom walls are easily achieved by applying several layers of special paint.

You can write on them with chalk as if you were back in school.

This idea could be original, funny and economical. What else do you want?

renew your bathroom
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Tiles on white

When the tiles of your bathroom are colored or with drawings from another era, it’s time for a change!

You can improve it by applying a special paint on them, formulated for this purpose.

For a perfect finishing touch, give the tiles two layers of white paint.  

The touch will be fashionable, easy and very combinable.

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River stones on the floor

You can take advantage of the areas that cannot be stepped on.

Place the river stones under the sink counter, under the bathtub or into the shower floor.

This is a good touch of avant-garde design and at the same time, you see that very natural area that goes with you.

renew your bathroom
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Remove the bathtub

Space is more useful by removing the bathtub if you have one.

You could replace it with a shower that you can keep in the same area.

If at the end you discard the bathtub, and since it’s an expensive sanitary piece, you can allocate this money to other elements of the bathroom and optimize it.

renew your bathroom
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Paint a wall with a contrasting color!

In the bathroom, vibrant colors look awesome!

Use them carefully, but with daring.

Try it in one wall, so the visual effect is not very overwhelming, and don’t get the opposite result.

renew your bathroom
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Create a wooden wall

Covering a wall with raw wood, in rustic appearance, is a good option.

With this solution, you give a different and unique touch to the bathroom and it’s another economical way to modernize it with a very small investment.

A great idea: use recycled wood!

We recommend you to do it only in a single wall.

renew your bathroom
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Posters, photographies and decorative objects

With these options, you can give a touch of originality to the bathroom.

Think of objects, such as carpets, lamps, pots, candles or others.

Also, think about to frame a poster or photograph that has a special meaning for you and hang them on the wall.

This personalizes the space for a small economic investment and, what is simple, makes a big and warmer different.

Put your creativity to work to transform a bathroom or any other space of the house, and your investment will decrease with no need to have a headache to improve your home.

renew your bathroom
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