Avoid these Lowest Paying Jobs if You Want a Great Salary for Living

Choosing a career or profession is not that simple, especially if you feel passion and vocation for one of the lowest paying jobs in the country.

In its Compare Carreras tool, the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (Imco), offers a general overview of university careers and technical education information, so you can make a better decision when choosing what to study.

In total, the platform evaluates 68 careers in all areas, from humanities to basic sciences, according to Forbes Mexico

Studying a degree considerably increases a person’s salary. 

A graduate earns an average of $ 11,327, 80% more than someone who finished only the baccalaureate, whose salary is $ 6,305. 

In addition, completing a bachelor’s degree reduces by 51% the risk of being employed in the informal sector with respect to high school graduates.

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Therefore, if you do not want to study a career in which you are paid less than 10,000 pesos per month, you should avoid these 10:

Educational guidance and counseling.

 Average salary: 7,574 pesos

Philosophy and ethics.

 Average salary: 8,060 pesos


Average salary: 8,119 pesos


Average salary: 8,300 pesos

Teacher training for basic education, preschool level.

Average salary: 8,418 pesos

Foreign languages.

Average salary: 8,423

Food industry.

Average salary: 8,648 pesos

Teacher training for basic education, primary level.

Average salary: 8,747 pesos

Teacher training for physical, artistic or technological education.

Average salary: 8,863 pesos

Social work.

Average salary: 8,938 pesos

Now, according to Oficina Empleo Mexico, we can add these other professions to this list.

Graphic Designer

Design is one of the careers in which more people graduate.

So job offers are scarce and salaries are usually $ 7,000 pesos.

Since the possibility of getting professionals becomes very simple, and the owners abuse that situation.


Not only is it one of the worst paid in Mexico, but it is also considered one of the lowest in the world.

Not to mention clear, which is among the most dangerous; they receive between $ 6,000 and $ 8,000 pesos on average.


“A town that does not know its history is condemned to repeat it.

Well, it seems that nowadays it does not matter anymore, because the vacancies to exercise this work are very few, added to the remuneration that one aspires to receive only $ 6,000 pesos.


Love to art! Literally!

Being an artist is perhaps one of the dreams of several, but next time they will think twice.

Contrary to what everyone imagines, these wonderful people receive between $ 5,000 and $ 8,000 pesos depending on your talent, music, performing arts, actor, etc.


Serving and helping.

Many nutritionists offer wide knowledge to give support to people in subjects related to health and nutrition.

Obviously, Mexico doesn’t seem to be a good market, since according to a study is another of the lowest paying jobs, with a monthly income of $4.000 pesos. 

Now, wait. 

If your job is on this list, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything.

This is a general average of the lowest paying jobs. But, you can be the best in your area and that will be reflected on your income.

Remember always and put it above all: the important thing is to enjoy what you do and results will come, sooner or later.  


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