What You Should do When Your Are Unemployed

Losing work and being unemployed is one of the worst things that can happen, especially when you think you had job stability.
The concern generated by a Human Resources call communicating a reduction in personnel or the elimination of the position can create a lot of stress.
In this case, you must take care of personal finances as it is crucial to free the worry of not having a job.
Ashley Stahl, a consultant specializing in job creation and a contributor to Forbes magazine, proposes some things that can be done in that period until a new job is found.
According to Gestion, the first tip is:

Don’t panic!

The idea is to visualize this work stage as a change in your corporate relationship status: single and eligible.

Enjoy your freedom! 

When was the last chance you had 8 hours of sleep and cooked a good breakfast?
Think about what you wanted to do when you were stuck at a desk.
Was it walking your dog at noon, or maybe enrolling in an academy to practice a new sport?
Go out and enjoy the sun!
Vitamin D reduces depression, and you must maintain a positive mindset.

Adjust your budget

There is no better time to adjust or make a budget.
Identify what you spend your sun on and save as much as possible.
Maybe you don’t need that subscription that costs you $30 per month, or you can change the gym to exercise in the nearest park.
It is not that you will be unemployed forever. Still, you have to be responsible for your personal finances as soon as one is unemployed to avoid further headaches if this stage is prolonged.

Reassess your professional goals

Were you happy with your last job? If yes, great!
You know what kind of role and work environment suits you.
If not, now is the best time to focus on what to do next.
Do you want a full-time job in an office, or is work flexibility more critical to you?
Use this time to analyze your interests and commit to your new work step.
Is it time to study something different or complementary?
Renew your résumé. and remember: although it takes months and many interviews to get your dream job, there is always a way to survive and overcome this difficult stage.

Schedule meetings 

When unemployed, meet with old friends and former colleagues to schedule meetings.
This is the best opportunity to network and map what others do in their respective fields.
Maybe you want to explore new directions and learn directly from people who have dedicated their lives to other laws that may interest you.
Maybe working in their companies is good for you too.
Let your nearby circles know that you are “single” and give them an idea of ​​what interests you.
It doesn’t hurt that others have an eye on your career.

Work on your personal brand.

Many websites offer freelance job opportunities (don’t forget that you can always volunteer!).
Are you passionate about writing or social media? Look for jobs related to it.
Help customers with campaigns or their projects.
This not only gives you a small income but also helps you to repower your résumé.
You might even discover the freelance life you like is enough to make it a full-time job.
Finally, you will never be alone unless you want to start your own business, so use this opportunity to identify what you really want for your next job step.
Then, if you feel bold, propose it on LinkedIn.
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