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When you review your budget, you will probably notice that a large amount of your income is spent on food. Food is a necessary and a pleasurable part of life. However, healthy food and nutritious food can be expensive. By using some of these apps you can stay within your food budget without sacrificing nutritious and delicious foods.

1. Flipp
This app has all your grocer’s flyers digitally at your finger tips. This app allows you to easily identify which store has the best deals on the items you need each week. Once you choose the items you need, it generates a shopping list for you. Your shopping list automatically syncs to your partner or other family members. This allows family members to add to your grocery list and lessen the amount of trips to the store!

2. Shopkicks
This app rewards you for shopping. The goal is to accumulate enough points through the app to redeem for gift cards. You choose which retailer’s gift cards you want to earn. Many popular retailers are included like Target and Walmart. There are three ways to earn points. First, you receive points by entering certain stores. You just open the app and walk in the store to receive points. Second, you can scan certain items in the store to get more points. Lastly, if you link your credit card to the app, you will receive points for some purchases. Once you reach enough points, your gift card can be easily scanned from your phone. This is a simple way to help reduce costs for your groceries and toiletries

3. Fetch Rewards
This app is a receipt scanning app. Unlike other receipt scanning apps you do not have to choose a specific product before scanning. Just scan your entire receipt at the end of your shopping and you will receive points. Receipts must be scanned within 14 days of purchases. Marketers and suppliers use this information to improve their products. All of your information is kept anonymous. After you receive a certain amount of points, you can submit these points to receive cash gift cards. This is a great way to get some extra cash without expending much energy.

Using these apps regularly, can help keep your food budget in check and can become part of a fun money saving routine. Try them out. You won’t regret it!

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