As the holiday season approaches, many people start to make travel plans.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah are all times of the year when families tend to gather to celebrate.  These holiday seasons also offer a lull in the normal busyness of work that allow people to travel or vacation.  Airplane travel is especially desirable during this time of year.  It’s quick, comfortable and can maximize the amount of time with family or on vacation.  Unfortunately, due to the demand of travel at these times, airline prices skyrocket making it difficult to afford holiday flight prices.

One of the simplest ways to decrease these expensive trips are acquiring and regularly using a travel credit card.  With every purchase you make, you are gradually accruing points that will decrease the cost or even eliminate a cash fee for a flight. These points can also be used for hotel stays.
Consider the following two recommendations if you are interested in earning travel rewards through credit card usage:
1.  If you always use a certain airlines or hotel, find out what credit card is affiliated with their reward program and enroll in this program.  This card will not only have the highest reward point rate but will also offer perks like free baggage or upgraded seat selection when available.
2.  If you tend to use a variety of airlines and hotels, a generic travel reward credit card is a better choice.  All of the large banks such as Chase, Capitol One and Wells Fargo have these travel reward credit cards.  Be sure to consider all the features of the travel credit card before committing to one.  Some of the things you should consider are:
             A. Is there an annual fee, and if so, how much is it?
             B. What is the ratio of points granted for the money charged on your credit card?
             C.  Is there a bonus incentive for signing up?
             D,  What type of travel insurance if any is included?
Following these recommendations,  you can easily find a travel reward credit card that will help reduce all your travel expenses.  Remember, that travel without worry or concern about the finances creates the most stress free vacation of all!

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