In this day and age of increasing technology, we are constantly acquiring the newest and most innovative electronic devices.  It’s exciting to get the newest laptop or telephone with all the latest bells and whistles. However, what do we do with our old tablets, phones, televisions, and computers when they become obsolete?  What is the best way to dispose of these devices?
These electronic devices are made of metals, plastic and glass. If they are thrown in the trash, they can add to the landfill.  Also many of these devices have chemicals and materials that are toxic to the environment.  These toxins can seep Into the ground and adversely affect our water supply and our air quality. Because of these dangers, it’s imperative that we find a way to recycle electronic devices to decrease their impact on the environment.  Fortunately, many electronic components can be recycled and reused to avoid a negative impact on the environment. Our responsibility is to deliver them to places where they can be recycled or disposed of properly.
In the Houston area there are many places to recycle these items. Below are two of the most easily accessible sites to recycle your electronics.
1. Best Buy
Best Buy has one of the largest recycling programs in the U.S.  They accept all types of electronic devices no matter where they were originally bought.  There are numerous locations through out the Houston area.
When you decide to recycle an item, be sure and check out their website to see if the particular item you are recycling has a trade in value.  At times, you can receive a Best Buy gift card for your item.  Also Best Buy runs discounted prices for certain items that you might be recycling.  For example, if you are recycling a printer, they may offer a small discount on a particular printer they are promoting. This way you are saving money and helping the environment.  For more information, go to:
2. City of Houston
The city of Houston also offers recycling for electronic devices.  The city has both recycling centers and environmental service centers.  The environmental service centers accept electronic waste and hazardous household waste only while the recycling centers accept paper, metals, glass and some electronics.  Check out their website at  to find hours, location, and exact items accepted to recycle your electronic devices.  The environmental service centers offer convenient drop off and drive through service to make your experience easy and quick.

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