Newlyweds? Advices to Have a Happy Marriage and Not Die Trying it

One of the challenges of newlyweds, just right after they put on the engagement ring, is to complete that first project that is the wedding.

After that, comes the coexistence, learning to take it in a healthy way. Oh, yes!

The love that united them at the altar with the pair of wedding rings they wear today in their fingers also needs to be cultivated so that it lasts in this new stage in their lives, and that, my friends, is the most difficult thing.

You have to work on in order the monotony of time does not obscure the beautiful life they are building together.

And when we talk about cultivating it, we do not just talk about the love phrases that are equally important in their day to day life.

Scary issue?

We speak of a whole set of fundamental aspects of society, where each one of them puts their part and both cooperate for that same purpose.

But quiet! There is nothing to worry about.

The most important thing, to begin with, is that there is love.

If you have love, making any adjustment or change is simple easiest and teamwork that could be easy going if you follow these few pieces of advice.

Confidence to communicate

Provide and feel confident to talk about what is as a couple. It’s a job for both!

When there is no confidence, it opens a door to the lack of love, and we do not want that.

So, the first thing is to listen to.

Put the 5 senses and let the other person finish expressing himself, without interruptions or bad faces.

Receive that moment as one more who are living as a couple and enjoy it.

When finished, say what you feel with love, give an opinion or suggestion.

Assume what belongs to you and take charge of your part.

Say “Sorry”, “I love you” and “Thank you” is great spirits.

Finally, if it was a piece of advice or an opinion, do not take what they said as an obligation of the other person.

It was just a suggestion, take it this way and you will see that there will be no anger or frustration that dominates them.

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Give each other space

In the beginning, it is normal that all the time you want to be together. Newlyweds are just addicted to each other.

However, it is good that you allow yourself to go out with your friends without asking for the time of return or how much you will spend.

Take a trip with someone different from the couple.

Give yourself moments where you both may be surprised.

Take advantage of the distance to dedicate short love phrases on your cell phone and when you return, you will surely have a lot to share with each other.

Giving space also influences the respect and not to abuse the personal space of the other.

That’s checking the cell phone, the mail, listen to conversations with your friends, anyway.

This type of attitudes first shows little self-esteem, lack of attention and distrust.

On the other hand, those spaces are private and personal.


People say “to multiply happiness, you must share it.”

When you are newlyweds, you are already sharing many things that used to be only from your daily lives, but it is important to involve the couple in the activities they love.

Eating at the table without distractions at least one meal per day is a great way to start and a manner to preserve.

Dreams or goals are also important to share.

This motivates them to work together for that goal and then strengthen their long-term relationship.

Experience new things

Allow yourself to be curious and risk trying something new in your intimacy as a couple.

This involves leaving the comfort zone, getting away from what is safe or what you are used to doing.

Nothing best for this if you want to start a process of evolution to a better version of you, with different emotions.

Love and good disposition are essential, not just on newlyweds, to achieve a healthy coexistence and to cultivate the plant of love.

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