Tips to Avoid Depression While Unemployment and Control Your Mind

Unemployment is one of the most worrying problems for a lot of people all over the world, especially immigrants.

This status does not only have material consequences on purchasing power.

It also carries a higher risk of suffering from depressive symptoms.

According to Psychology and mind, there are a few recommendations to succeed in this phase, in case you have been dealing with it.

Psychology and unemployment

The first thing that comes to mind when we are out of work is the loss of money.

Definitely, economic problems can significantly alter our lives.

The truth is that being unemployed not only affects our pocket but causes serious problems at the psychological level.

Really serious issues to deal with.

The experts even talk about a phenomenon called “unemployment depression”, and affect a lot of people, even when we think it doesn’t.

The psychological consequences of being unemployed are not only suffered by the person who is unemployed, but also by his family.

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Unemployment depression

The unemployment depression arises when the person has been unemployed for several months and perceives that the situation is over.

The initial “shock” of running out of work can be joined by repeated failed attempts to find employment.

The person’s self-esteem suffers.

The individual may experience that they practically do not call him for job interviews despite having delivered thousands of CVs.

This situation discourages the person, who feels guilt and failure along the path that is taking his life.

People also might think that they do not have enough value to perform any kind of job.

The unemployment depression presents a series of symptoms.

Take a look and see if you or anyone you know are dealing with it.

Low self-esteem

This delicate situation leads the person to assess themselves negatively.

The cause is that the person usually feels guilty despite the fact that the unemployment situation has a structural cause.

Low self-esteem also affects self-confidence, since it makes people feel like an unsuccessful individual.

Learned helplessness

Being unemployed for a long time can burn the person so that their own resources run out.

Every day that passes without finding work and not seeing results in front of his efforts, it gives the message to individuals that whatever he does his situation will not change.

This accumulation of frustrations can lead the individual to suffer learned helplessness.

Somatic symptoms and others

The psychological affectation can cause physical symptoms too.

Headaches, sleep difficulties, sexual problems, stomachaches, and a long list of illness.

Anxiety, apathy, demotivation or aggressive behaviors can occur when a person suffers from depression due to unemployment too.


As a stressful event with personal and social consequences, it is very helpful to know how to avoid getting into depression.

Know yourself

A great tip is to find out what you are good at in order to have greater chances of success in finding a job.

Keep a positive attitude

Do not let the panic take over you and keep a positive attitude.

Control your expenses

Eliminate everything that is not a priority in your life from your expenses and adopt a new way of thinking.

Form yourself

If you have the possibility to train, do it.

Do not waste time standing, be proactive not only in the search for a job but also in your personal development.

A good way to do it: online!

Surround yourself with your loved ones

In this delicate situation is a good time to surround yourself with the people who love you the most.

Seek psychological help

Finally, if you fell the need, look for professional help.

Sometimes, receiving this help will improve the chance to pass through with more mental and emotional control.

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