6 Beauty Habits that Age. Avoid them!

You sure want, like every woman, your skin to remain young all the time possible and, you also want it to look with a fresh and luminous aspect. But, are you really conscious that usually are the little routine care habits or, on the contrary, those we don’t really pay attention to and don’t practice, which can be responsible for our skin premature aging?

So they are! For this reason, it’s important to identify which cares and attention our skin needs daily if we don’t want that the wrinkles, marks, or sagging to become an early reality in our appearance.

Keep on reading and you’ll which are the 6 common beauty habits that accelerate aging and you must avoid.


Not Removing Makeup Correctly

This is one of the principal beauty habits that promote skin aging. This is because; there are so many women that, due to laziness or ignorance, aren’t used to remove their markup correctly before going to bed.

This is something that, without doubt, is fatal to the skin health. For the reason that when you have products and accumulated dirtiness cloak during the day, the skin suffers a severe pore obstruction. Consequently, the skin cannot oxygenate itself correctly.

Think that your skin renews while you sleep, so if it’s not completely clean, it cannot do it. As a result, it will age prematurely, with more wrinkles and impurities and a lesser luminosity. So, you better turn the correct makeup removal a daily habit if you want to stay young and beautiful.


Too Much Sun or UV Rays

Being under the sun rays for a long period of time can make you achieve that wanted tan you have desired. However, be careful! Sun rays transform in the worst enemies to your skin. For the reason that, when sun rays go through the skin in an excessive way, besides provoking painful burns, they can accelerate skin aging and make appear sings like sagging, wrinkles, or dark marks earlier.

Moreover, you don’t have to forget that the skin has memory. So, prolonged sun rays exposure without the correct protection can be harmful to your health. As consequence, they can cause serious diseases like skin cancer.


Hot Water Excess Use

Are you those persons who use hot water when taking a bath? If your answer is yes, it’s time you start to change this habit if you want to enhance the beauty of your skin.

However, it’s not about you taking baths with frozen water, but to opt for warm water instead. Hot water beside triggering scorch, it aids to skin sagging. On the contrary, if you take warmth baths or little cold water baths you’ll get to restore your tissues and keep a healthy skin; especially if it is extremely sensitive.


Not Using Hydrating Cream

Also, not including hydrating cream in your habitual beauty products or using incorrect creams is other of the big mistakes that can pass a bill to your skin quickly. As consequence, this can add years to your appearance.

Hydrating cream is an indispensable lotion to preserve skin youth and to always look radiant. Moreover, think it balances the water loss that suffers the dermis through time and, with timing, it becomes darker, rough, and less elastic.

Similarly, it’s not enough you just apply the cream daily but finding the ideal cream for your skin type as well. For this, you must find the one that responds specifically your skin needs.

What’s your skin type? How old are you? Do you want a day cream or a night cream? These are some questions you must respond to yourself to find the correct lotion.


Not Taking Care of Neck and Sewing

There are body zones that we forget about and don’t bring the same attention that we bring to our face, for example. However, these zones tend to age in a faster way and, for this reason, need extra care and nourishment. These body parts are neck and sewing, zones in which the skin is more delicate and thin.

Furthermore, these zones have a lesser amount of sebaceous glands. As a result, they are more vulnerable to timing effects and can get wrinkled easier. Although, wrinkles aren’t the only problem, similarly, they’re likely to sagging as well.

What can you do to avoid neck and sewing to age? Easy, use hydrating firming properties creams in those zones every day, exfoliate them one a week, follow a balanced and healthy diet, protect your skin from the sun rays. Follow these tips and you’ll see results.


Makeup Products Abuse

Lastly, incorrect makeup use is another beauty habit that can age your skin and a lot! Although makeup can enhance your attractive, also it can become on your worst enemy if you use it in excess or don’t use it well. Take note of some of the things you must avoid to stay away from an aged appearance and little favored:

  • Avoid using a makeup base darker than your skin tone.
  • Don’t abuse of translucent powders. Many cloaks of this product accentuate wrinkles.
  • Don’t use too much corrector on your eye contour, because excesses will enhance wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Avoid depositing blush near your nose. On the contrary, you should apply it to the upper cheekbone and to the temple to bring youth and freshness to your face.


Bottom Line

It’s very important to take care of your skin if you don’t want to look old before time. To achieve it, you must avoid these bad habits that will only give you bad and eternal marks to your skin making you look older.

So, staying away from these habits will avoid unwanted results. However, it’s vital you know that having a healthy diet, eating healthy food, by decreasing refined sugars and carbs, processed foods, artificially sweetened drinks, and exercising will give you awesome results as well.

What’s more, you can eradicate these bad habits and adopt good skin care ones. But, if you keep on drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, and carry a sedentary lifestyle. I’m sorry to let you know you won’t get as good results as you expect.

Therefore, always choose good, choose healthily!


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