Know the Foods that Accelerate Aging Process

One of the most evident signs of time passing is skin aging. It’s an inevitable fact that, in some people, it can manifest in a more evident way than others. And, on the contrary, there are others who achieve to preserve their aspect on the best conditions.

In some cases, it’s genetic, however, there’s no doubt we can help to the care of our skin when having in mind some tips and avoiding certain bad habits.

Consequently, alimentation is one of the main factors that intervene in skin health, due to it gives us nutrients and different compounds that reflect in our outside. Here, you’ll find some foods that accelerate the aging process to avoid them as possible. Moreover, you’ll find some foods that rejuvenate. Take note!

Skin Aging Causes

Skin aging sings are the consequence of the unavoidable pass of time, something that we shouldn’t worry about if we carry a healthy lifestyle. So, is evident that time is one of the main causes of skin aging, for this reason, the skin stops being soft and firm.

Now then, there are other reasons that explain why skin ages, in which we can exert greater control of. These external causes produce skin aging as a result of free radicals release due to oxidative stress.

Consequently, when free radicals accumulate for a long period of time in an excessive way, skin loses the capability to fight them. As a result, there’s a group of lesions in the skin.



Sun rays over our skin can accelerate premature aging making more wrinkles to appear. Besides, it increases skin cancer probabilities. However, this hasn’t to be always like this, because we can take sun in a safety way, taking the correct caution and protection rules, and being conscious of the consequences of excessive exposure.



There’s no doubt about the negative effects of cigars in our health. However, is important to make a stand on the consequences over the skin. One more time, free radicals are responsible for accelerating premature aging, and these increases with a cigar. Moreover, a cigarette has numerous harmful substances to the organism that show up through our skin.



This point is very important and it represents the main role in this reading. This is because an incorrect diet can bring nutrients and antioxidants deficit, which help to fight against free radicals proliferation. For this reason, it’s important to consider rich antioxidants foods.



Foods that Speed Skin Aging Up

Nourishment is a vital factor when preventing skin aging. Therefore, an adequate diet can help us to protect it from sun effects and other agents that could damage it. Beyond antiaging cosmetics and creams use, there’s a group of food that can increase wrinkles possibility. So, avoiding them can slow down these signs.



Excessive sugar consumption can reduce collagen production, an essential substance to keep skin firm and young, similarly to avoid wrinkles in the face. So, we must consider that sugar isn’t just in candies, but in sweetened yogurts, bread, and even turkey are sugar-rich.



Although alcohol is a beverage, it cannot be missed in this list. Thanks to its diuretic effect, alcohol stimulates urine production which aid to dehydration. Water is strictly essential to skin health. As a result, a lack of its levels can produce wrinkles and luminosity skin loss. Besides, alcohol inhibits vitamin A effects, which aids to collagen production and helps cellular regeneration.



Most the meat industries employ some products when feeding the animals that, later transfer to our body when we consume them. These products can be chemicals that can produce hormonal misbalances, which remain reflected through skin aging, wrinkles appearance, and acne.


Processed Foods

Meat can also be included in the processed foods list, along with bologna, hot dogs, sausages, bacon, and others. These products can have preservatives like sulfite, which accelerates skin aging. Besides, there are full of saturated fats and sugars, which aid cutaneous dehydration and wrinkle appearance.


Spicy Foods

Dilate blood vessels, aiding to their rupture. This situation provokes skin to lose elasticity, fortification, and natural color


Fried Foods

Other foods that enhance skin aging are the fried ones. Due to they’re full of saturated and trans fats, these foods increases cholesterol and can aid cardiovascular diseases appearance. Similarly, they difficult the correct skin oxygenation, avoiding cellular regeneration production. As consequence, the skin ages loses elasticity and can increase wrinkles appearance.


Caffeine Beverages

Stimulant beverages, like those caffeine-rich ones, aids skin dehydration. Similarly to alcohol, caffeinated cokes or coffee are beverages that, consumed in excess, can have a negative impact on skin aging.


What You Must Consider…

It’s not about eradicating these foods of your diet for all. But, to be conscious of the effects they can have in your cutaneous health. For this reason, knowing which the skin aging accelerator foods are will help you to consume them with moderation.

You shouldn’t forget that alimentation is one of the factors why skin ages, but we also should have in mind everything else.


Foods that Rejuvenate

As there are foods that increase skin aging, there are foods that can aid to keep it healthy and, as consequence, to look better. However, foods that rejuvenate won’t take 20 years off from you nor make wrinkles magically disappear. But, they will positively contribute to your skin health with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, vitals to give all the cares it needs.

Some of them are:

  • Green veggies
  • Rejuvenating fruits
  • Omega-3 rich fishes
  • Olive oil
  • Flax seeds
  • Teas that rejuvenate skin


Bottom Line

Occasionally it might seem frightening when someone proposes you shouldn’t eat this or that. However, what it really comes down is eating fewer foods from packages and more from nature. When you do this, you will mechanically be eating less refined carbs and sugars, trans fats, and vegetable oils.

And when it comes to everything else, put in higher quality alternatives like organic fruits and veggies and pastured meats. It may appear expensive now, but consider it as an investment in your future.


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