Secrets To House Training Your Puppy

If you are person house training your dog this article is for you. House training is a months long process which needs more effort than one might imagine. House training your puppy can be very beneficial because it will make you consistent, patient and also help you form that great bond with your puppy. To make your potty training process go as smooth as possible I am sharing the secrets of potty training with you. So without further ado let’s get started !!!

  • Feed Them on a Constant Schedule

        Easiest thing to do to set up your pup for house training success is to feed them according to a set schedule. Feed them high quality food time to time would set there digestive system into a pattern which will make it easier for you to know when is the possibility for the pup to do its business so you can take it to the desired place and in this way the pup would know when and where he is allowed to potty.


  • Supervise/Control Their Environment

        Your overall goal during house training is to teach them that our house is their house. Instinctively dogs don’t like to pee or poop in the place they are living and sleeping. They can take time to generalize a whole house as to be their house, so slowly teach them that the whole house is theirs. Baby gates are a great way to control their environment slowly giving them bit by bit space to consider as their home.


  • Start From The First Day

         Start your pups training from the first day he starts walking and understanding things. Introduce them to their sleeping area, take them outside where you want them to go potty. Always use the same path so it’s easier for the puppy to understand and it helps them mark their territory as well. The earlier you start the better and sooner results you will get because the puppy will have less chances of mistakes.




  • Teach With Treats


      Teaching with treats can come very handy so every time the puppy potties on the place you wish give the puppy a reward. Frequently doing that will make puppy realize that he is doing something right and so he would remember it and would always do it the right way.


  • Use Commands


       Puppies can understand you appreciative and disappointed reactions towards them. So any command you often used with them while they are doing something that will slowly save up in there system. You can use a command specific for their potty time like Lets go potty or poo time or whatever you and your puppy. In this way your puppy would know everytime you use that command that it’s time for business.


  • Use The Same Path

     Everytime you are taking your dog for potty try to use the same path. This helps create a pattern in their minds. Dogs are creatures that understand pattern and schedule very well. This will be a very helpful practice to get the results quickly


  • Use a Crate

      Using a crate as a training tool can be very helpful because dogs don’t like to potty where they live, eat and sleep. This will teach their bladder control. It’s all about understand the science behind digestion and excretion because a little puppy just like a little baby won’t have a system that’s adapted to the environment. So the training and adoption of their bodies organ to come under control will take time.


  • Be Patient

                Last and the most important tip is to have patience and handle with alot of care. Do not punish very often and because that will produce hatred in the puppies mind and you don’t want you puppy to get anxiety or depression. Use a lot of praise when he uses his bathroom. Accidents happen so make sure you are handling it with sensitivity.

     I hope these tips help you have wonderful house training experience. If this article was helpful please mention down below and also comment down any tips that you might have and have worked for your training would love to hear about it. Have happy time with you puppies !!! Cheers !!!

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