How to Relieve a Toothache with Homemade Remedies


Relieving toothache quickly is possible with some homemade simple remedies like parsley, cloves, lemon, garlic, black tea, and others. Furthermore, these natural products aren’t just excellent options to reduce oral pain but to decrease inflammation and infection too.

A toothache is one of the most intense discomforts that we can experience and a symptom we must pay attention to. As a result, a toothache can be a sign of something important happening in our mouth.

However, the truth is that when we experience this pain, we don’t find to be checked by a specialist right away. For this ease, we have to make some decisions to relieve the pain while we wait for a specialist to treat us.

If you don’t want to opt for any medicament before knowing what’s really happening, here you’ll find how to relieve a toothache with homemade remedies and naturally.


Principal Toothache Causes

Toothache causes can vary, and finding the correct one results fundamentally to guarantee improvement to your condition. For instance, the most common reasons why these discomforts appear are:

  • An advanced decay affecting the tooth nerve
  • A tooth abscess
  • Tour tooth outlet
  • Earache or sinusitis
  • A cracked crown or tooth piece
  • A stocked food in some tooth, producing inflammation and discomfort

It’s important that if you suspect of decay, a damaged tooth piece, or an abscess, you consult your dentist to treat your tooth and improve the discomforts as soon as possible.


Dental Floss and Oral Rinse

This is not properly a natural remedy. However, it will help to delete any food rest between teeth and, simultaneously, it will relieve a little inflammation in the area. On the other side, it’s normal that in this case, even when you do it carefully, your gums bleed a little with dental floss passage. So, clean a little with water. Finally, use the oral rinse.



One of the best homemade remedies for a toothache is the parsley because of its toothache reliever effect. In addition, it has diuretic, antispasmodic properties, and fights against pain thanks to compounds like flavonoids, minerals, acids, vitamins, and amino acids.

Besides, as it’s easy to find and consume, it’s frequently used to treat discomforts and affections. To know how to treat a toothache with this ingredient, you must follow these steps:

  • Take a little of fresh parsley and wash it previously
  • Chewing a little parsley with the affected tooth several times a day can help to relieve a toothache quickly and naturally


Water and Salt, Excellent Natural Antiseptic

When a toothache is due to a dental abscess or some infection caused by stocked food in the tooth, slat is a great ally due to its antiseptic power. As a result, salt combats bacteria responsible for that infection. Moreover, it brings a good cleanse to the oral cavity.

  • Mix a half cup of warm water with a tablespoon of salt
  • Gargle after every meal
  • After some seconds, spit the liquid

This is one of the best remedies to relieve an intense toothache, which will help you to control a possible infection and decrease pain and inflammation.



Another way to relieve a toothache with homemade remedies is using cloves. This is because they are considered one of the best medicine plants to relieve a severe toothache. Therefore, they contain a substance called eugenol along with other oils and essential acids, which work as excellent sedatives.

  •  Put a clove directly over the gum of the affected tooth for some minutes.
  • Also, you can add five cloves to an oral rinse portion and rinse your mouth three times a day with the mixture, which will help you relieve a toothache.
  • Another option is to spread a little clove oil over the tooth that aches with clean gauze.


Garlic and Onion

If you don’t have any problem with eating onion and garlic, it sure won’t be a problem using this remedy to relieve a toothache naturally.

They have a high content of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, quercetin, and flavonoids. As a result, these give to the garlic and onion a great analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial power.

  • Put on a little of fresh onion or garlic directly over the gum of the affected tooth. Consequently, in a short period of time, you’ll notice how a toothache improves.
  • Also, you can triturate a piece of garlic or onion and put its juice on the affected tooth and gum.


Black Tea

Black tea is also a good ally to relieve a toothache naturally due to its tannic acid content, which is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory that will help to reduce tooth discomfort.

  • Put a black tea little bag previously passed over hot water to spread the tannic acid on the tooth
  • Don’t put it hot on your mouth, wait until it decreases its temperature a little, and then put it in your affected zone.
  • You can do this several times a day.



This is citric with a lot of vitamin C and other essential acids. Therefore, it has anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic properties. For this reason, using it to combat an intense toothache is a good option, principally if you want to prevent an infection.

  • Squeeze a lemon juice out.
  • Use the juice to gargle, holding it for a while, principally on the damaged tooth area.
  • Besides, you can add some salt to boost its effects.


Cold Water or Ice

Using cold compresses or ice bags externally, on the side of a toothache, will aid to reduce inflammation and discomfort. To learn how to relieve a toothache with this remedy, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Tie up the cold compress or bag in a towel to reduce the cold contact discomfort.
  • Put it over the aching zone
  • Relax for some minutes to make the cold acts and reduce inflammation.


Oxygenated Water

It’s a good option because it will help to combat a possible infection cleaning the zone and relieving the pain. Do it this way:

  • Spread little-oxygenated water over a cotton swab.
  • Put it over the tooth to relieve the pain.
  • Another option is to mix one part of oxygenated water with three parts of water and use the mixture to gargle.


It’s important to remember that even when these natural alternatives can relieve discomfort temporally, you have to consult a specialist when needed.


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