Just like you traveling is my most favorite thing in the world. Traveling gives you an immense experience of joy and happiness that you can cherish forever and ever. Therefore before traveling somewhere you need to make sure that you are completely set and ready so you can have the most perfect and amazing time while you are there. Hence why I have collected a list of seven traveling mistakes that you don’t want to make when traveling abroad. So without further ado let’s get started;


Sometimes we leave our phone to charge overnight and in the morning you grab your phone but forget the charger. Do not make this mistakes because you would need a charger very soon and the ones in the airport are very pricy. If you are person that travels frequently maybe have a charger designated to your travel carry-on bag so you can avoid this issue. Make sure you have adopter powers because different countries have different plug-in systems that your country and the airport ones are very expensive so order one online before embarking on your journey.


Invest in a good travel bag which will not break on you at the airport because that’s the last thing you want. DO NOT get a black one because it’s so basic and most people if not everyone will have a black one. You don’t want to mistakenly grab

someone else’s bag or have your bag been mistakenly grabbed by someone else because that could be quite overwhelming to go looking for your luggage at airport. So get a bright and distinct colored bag that you can spot from far away.


Make sure that before you travel to you destination you have researched well about the history and geography of that country not because there is gonna be a quiz but because you don’t just wander around and look at things not knowing what they are. For example if you walk past a building or a castle if you know what the history of that place is you are going to be more excited about seeing it and get more joy out of it. Research about the local cuisine, food and culture so you can enjoy every little bit of your travel.        


The first thing you should be doing when you get to airport is check-in because it can give you an opportunity to grab yourself a better seat as compare to if you do it late and just get the leftovers. Just like people have delayed and canceled flights you can also have early flights so make sure you get to your gate early and on time and you are alert so you don’t miss your flight.

Because rescheduling your flight can be a pain and can ruin all your plans.


Do not make the mistake of getting room service when you are traveling. Get out of your room and explore the localities and the local food. You don’t want to spend so much money on an expensive room either get a simple room because the real luxury lies outside the room in the city. Go out on walks and explore, explore and explore. Take photos and make great memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


Before you set on your journey get some local currency of the country you are traveling to because some countries might not give you easy access to your credit or debit cards. Make sure you research about the banks in the country visiting. Also let your local bank know that you are going to use your account in another country and find out about the procedure.


One of the greatest mistakes we make while traveling is packing too much. Remember it’s important to look good and wear good clothes but feeling good in more important. So don’t worry too much about clothes and packing. Pack some

staples and leave loads of room in your suitcase for things you can buy from the country you are traveling. It would get so hard to carry around a huge load of luggage around with you and would ruin your enjoyment. So keep in mind “less is more”.

Enjoy your trip as much as possible, use less technology and take time to look around and live every moment. Be adventurous, try new things and get out of your comfort zone so you can cherish these memories forever. I hope this article was helpful and gave you some travel inspo. Comment down below your good and bad travel experiences we would love to read it. Cheers !!!


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