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Are you into programming? This is your big opportunity!

If you like programming but have not had the opportunity to go into that world, Facebook and Platzi are giving it now.

The social network Facebook and Platzi, an online technology training school, will join forces to award 1,000 scholarships throughout the region.

This effort is in order to contribute to the development of talent and economic growth in Latin America.

These scholarships consist of a 21-week course that integrates a program of seven technical courses and four basic skills for job growth. 

There will be live sessions and interactions with the instructors within Platzi, according to Expansion

To be eligible for one of the scholarships, you must not be enrolled in any institution or platform, have access to a computer or tablet with an internet connection, ability to program and identify yourself as part of a minority in the technology industry. 

In other words, be a person with limited resources to access education or those belonging to the following groups: women, refugees, LGBTTTI community, rural populations or indigenous groups.

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One of the objectives, both Facebook and Platzi, is that diversity increases in the technology industry through programming.

At the same time, provide educational opportunities to people who have not had access to educational programs of this type.

“On Facebook, we are convinced that, by supporting minority groups in Latin America to improve their technological skills, we not only help to boost diversity in the work ecosystem but also encourage innovation and energize the local economy”, said Susana Tuli Cipriota, leader of Product Partnerships for Facebook Latin America.

She also added that technology is a catalyst for opportunities, it is our interest to contribute to the development of healthy technological systems where minorities also have the opportunity to participate.

According to the Neuvoo work platform, in Mexico, the average salary of a programmer is 6,483 pesos per month.

Where there is a greater economic supply is Quintana Roo, with 10,000 pesos per month.

Having this type of scholarships could give a boost to more people who want to form a path as a programmer and at the same time improve the job offer of this industry.

“Effective online education is the only scalable solution to poverty and an answer to the explosive and positive moment that Latin America is experiencing in technology”, added John Freddy Vega, CEO of Platzi.

Ega explained that VPlatzi’s mission is to turn our countries into digital economies.

The reception of applications begins on June 24 and ends on July 21.

The award-winning scholarships are announced on August 5 through the Platzi platform. 

The course starts on August 9 and ends on January 31, 2020, so in case you are interested, you will have to have 21 weeks available to take the course online.


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