Best Latin American Movies of the Last Times You Have to See

If you are into cinema and love those talk about subjects to reflect about, then these Latin American movies are a must to see.

According to Cine oculto, in the last ten years, the cinema of Latin America has had a formidable impulse.

The result of this is emblematic pieces that happened to be insignias of the culture of their nations.

Next, a count that lists Latin American movies of the last decade that you should not miss out on in the last decade.

Usually, issues such as inequality, homosexuality, discrimination, love, and violence are repeated in the stories.

The golden cage

(Mexico, 2013)

Directed by Diego Quemada-Díez, The golden cage shows the story of a group of Guatemalan migrants heading to the United States.

They are forced to face tough situations crossing borders.

Young people, including an indigenous one, are involved in violent disputes, discrimination, and racism.

The film demonstrates the work of Father Alejandro Solalinde, who also participates in the film, in charge of refuge for migrants.

A tip that just a few know: in addition to Solalinde, the production hired real migrants to participate in the film.

Only the protagonists are professional actors.

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(Uruguay, 2014)

Carrot is a film inspired by real facts, about the events that took place in Uruguay before the national elections of 2004.

Enrique Buchichio directs this suspense drama.

The story: two journalists contacted by an informant, find out about several crimes occurred in the Uruguayan military dictatorship from 1973 to 1985 through “Operation Carrot.”

The film, starring César Troncoso, Martín Rodríguez and Abel Tripaldi, received several national and international awards.

This movie, Argentine-Uruguayan coproduction, is also known as Behind the truth.

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The secret of their eyes

(Argentina, 2009)

This film is based on the novel The question of their eyes, by Eduardo Sacheri.

Juan José Campanella is the director of this movie, winner of Oscar for The best foreign film in 2010 and many other recognitions.

The Argentine actor Ricardo Darín stars in the film embodying a judicial agent, Benjamín Espósito, who in 1974 became involved in the investigation of a terrible murder.

After that, 25 years later seeks to revive it through the writing of a novel.

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(Chile, 2012)

Sebastián Lelio is the director of this movie written by Gonzalo Maza.

Gloria, represented by the actress Paulina García, is approaching 60 years old and she is alone because she has finished with her partner.

To fill the void, it is filled with activities and parties that he attends to look for love.

Finally, she meets Rodolfo (actor Sergio Hernández), a 65-year-old separated man who turns her life around.

Full of emotions and pleasures, the film was part of the selection to represent Chile in the competitions for the Oscar and Goya Awards.

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Bad hair

(Venezuela, 2013)

Mariana Rondón writes and directs the winning film of the Concha de Oro of the San Sebastian Festival 2013.

The film tells the story of Junior, a humble boy who insists on straightening his hair for the school picture.

This generates a conflict with his mother Marta, who is frightened by the fact of having a homosexual son.

Tell us good Latin American movies that you include in this list, we can not wait to see them.

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