First Date Ideas: a List of Plans for That Special Moment

It’s a date. If you already say yes to the first date, then you have to make a plan so that moment is flawless or, at least, fun.

You have to know what to wear too and, most important, what to talk about on the first date.

It has to be memorable and stimulating.

Sometimes riding something unique seems very difficult, but we have good ideas for you to try.

The best idea above all? Make it interesting, unique and original.

We leave you below a little list of ideas for a first date, according to Online Seducer.

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Play a board game in a curious cafe or bar

Seriously? Yes!

We all love to have fun, laugh and have fun and a board game is designed specifically for that.

So, what is better than going to a place where you can meet who you like and also be full of games to laugh?

Go to a street market in the city

If you are in a big city, you probably have a little market during the week where you sell interesting things, curiosities and that is full of people.

Surprisingly, very few local people go to these markets and can be very interesting accompanied by a good conversation and the right person. (Hearts everywhere!)

That’s why it is a plan to keep in mind when you think about a first date.

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Although is a classic in the movies, and yet there are very few people who do it on the first date.

For us, it is a wonderful and relaxing idea.

If you know a park or some cool green area in your locality, get a blanket and buy a couple of snacks and drinks.

And now, go outside, surrounded by nature, birds and with the sun above both of you.

It is much more memorable than going to a cafe for coffee and it is almost as easy to organize.

Go to a place of karaoke

Most of us like to sing our favorite songs, in the shower, in the car, even though we have no idea how to do it well.

And probably that person you’re going to be with, even if he or she embarrassed, likes it too.

So…what’s better than going to karaoke to make a fool of yourself together on the first date?

In the worst case, you will end up laughing a lot together about how badly you have done it.

The best part? You could set up a music group together and do multi-million dollar tours around the world. (No laughing)

Don’t you think it is worth trying?

Take it to a play of microtheater

If you like theater, this is a good plan.

You can go with that person to a normal play of an hour and a half or more and you won’t be able to talk to, ask questions or find out anything you want.

That is why microtheater work is perfect.

A microtheater is a small space where microtheater plays of 15 minutes are made, at a very short distance, close to you.

And you can usually drink or eat something while you see them.

So you have all the ingredients:

An emotional work to share together, an original plan and also a context that allows you to get to know each other more between micro-play and micro-play.

Will you try one of these ideas or have something better in mind? Tell us!

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