Best Mexican Dishes That you Definitely Have to Try Once in Your Life

The typical food of Mexico is one of the most varied and tasty in the world. That’s why it is not difficult to do a list of the best Mexican dishes that everyone should try.

Especially, there are many Mexican dishes that are considered among the best delicacies, even by the most sophisticated cuisine masters.

According to Turismo gastronómico, these are the best Mexican dishes to die for.

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Mole poblano

This a humble but laborious dish.

It requires a lot of raw material, such as chiles, lard, almonds, cloves, cinnamon, bread, pepper, garlic, chocolate, sugar, coriander, and anise.

The mole poblano must be a dense and homogeneous paste.

It can be made with chicken, turkey or even pork, so the possibilities are endless. You can create as you wish.

In fact, there are innumerable types of mole, but all contain about 20 or fewer ingredients, including one or more varieties of chili peppers.

This wonderful mole poblano requires constant agitation over a long period of time.

Mexican tamales

Tamales are one of the best-known Mexican recipes.

But, equally,  they are eaten in many other countries in the Americas.

Mexican tamales are usually filled with vegetables such as spinach, beans, peas, corn or even tofu and soy.

The tamales originated in the Aztec, Mayan and Inca tribes that needed nutritious food during the wars.

The dough for the tamale, which is really laborious, requires corn flour, yeast, lard, vegetable stock or chicken, tomato peels, anise, salt, and corn husks.

In detail, Mexican tamales are usually accompanied with cilantro, egg, corn, cheese, onion, etc.

One of the traditional Mexican dishes that should always be considered.

Tacos Gobernador

This is one of the best Mexican dishes in Mexican gastronomy.

So much so that they are a registered trademark.

They are tacos filled with shrimp, onion, chopped garlic, chili, cheese, and pepper, mainly.

According to the story, the name was put in 1987 by Maria Teresa Uriarte de Labastida.

She was once the wife of the governor of Sinaloa, Francisco Labastida, and she did it at Los Arcos Restaurant.


Definitely, something we can not leave out of this list. A total must!

If there is a universal recipe in typical Mexican food, it is guacamole.

Easy recipe! Guacamole is an avocado and onion mince, to which is added lime juice, jalapeño pepper, chile, cilantro, and salt.

Some people choose to have this picadillo practically a puree.

However, others prefer the fattest avocado dice.

This is perfect to accompany with fajitas, nachos, quesadillas, and many other dishes.

Pozole Blanco de Guerrero

It is a typical Mexican food consisting of a broth made from corn grains, and which includes chicken or pork.

Likewise, you can try with various condiments, from red sauces based on tomatoes to green sauces.

This dish is cooked for hours, often at night.

Mexican Ceviche

Ceviche is another dish typical of South America (especially in Peru), but in Mexico, they also know how to make it very tasty.

Mexican ceviche is a very palatable dish that, as we already know, includes fish, onions, tomatoes, chilies, coriander, and lemon.

These are marinated with citrus fruits.

The red snapper or the robalo are some alternatives to fish very used by the Mexicans.

After this selection, which plate would you add? Thus, we know there are a lot, so will give you a try.


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