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Most Incredible Architectural Works in Mexico to Blow Your Mind Away

If something could show how evolved a country is, that is its architecture, and today we will show you the best architectural works in Mexico.

Architecture is an essential way to appreciate the social, cultural and technological phenomena that force a city to evolve its ideas.

This has become a multifunctional art.

A structure, in addition to simulating an installation or work of art, also serves as a home, of a clerical nature, houses public spaces, restaurants and also culture.

According to MX City, here are the most outstanding architectural works in Mexico that represent art itself.

Public Hospital Dr. Manuel Gea González

It is located in Calzada de Tlalpan and Elegant Embellishment developed the project.

Beyond the visual aesthetics that mainly contains the facade of this hospital, with a kind of mesh that looks like a minimalist cell tissue, there is more.

It is a sophisticated building that eats smog and makes it more environmentally friendly (dioxide carbon and water).

Point for ecology!

The mesh of the front also lets the light through its orifices strategically to make better use of daylight inside the building.

Photography: Internet

Roma Market

It is a work by Rojkind Arquitectos.

From the beginning, this space was conceived to house expressions of the rich Mexican culinary culture with special emphasis on the sense of community and collaboration.

Photography: Internet

Reforma 27

This masterpiece is a project of architect Alberto Kalach.

He has so many projects in his portfolio.

The most famous is the Vasconcelos library in the north of the city.

Now,  his most recent project is Otro Chapultepec is possible.

Reforma 27 is an architectural work of residential nature, located at the address with the same name.

The apartment tower in Reforma 27 was designed in collaboration with Ingenieros Civiles Asociados (ICA) following the classic principles expressed 500 years ago by Vitruvio: beauty, firmness, and usefulness.

Photography: Internet

Centro Cultural Elena Garro

Located in Coyoacán, its design is exclusive to Fernanda Canales and Arquitectura911sc.

The project consists of an adaptation of an existing mansion from the beginning of the 20th century, transformed into a Cultural Center in the street of Fernández Leal.

Incorporating nature, the proposal contemplates the existing trees as a key piece of the project.

With this, the structure acquires a great hierarchy and are complemented by a series of water mirrors on the outside as well as with large green walls.

Photography: Internet

Tori Tori

Do you want to go to an incredible and really fancy restaurant?

Designed by Michael Rojkind and ESRAWE Studio, Tori Tori is the place to go.

It is the most amazing and avant-garde Japanese restaurant in the city of Mexico.

It is located at Anatole France 71-B, Polanco.

Two independent layers of steel plates surround the foundation as a neural network that in fact attempts to imitate the natural ivy surrounding the retaining walls.

Meanwhile, the best of this place is the lighting that delights each of its little details.

The place has a terrace, a sake bar and an exclusive temple for sushi.

Who’s in for this? We do!

Photography: Internet

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