Central American Immigrants Have New Opportunities in México

Mexico is making big efforts for Central American immigrants.

The nation with the highest level of immigration in the entire world and the land of opportunities for many people is The United States of America. 

However, since 2018, and according to Business Insider, the Central American country have proposed to give temporary identification papers to those immigrants asylum-seekers, especially all who were coming at the caravan from Central America.

To stop the human movement that had as the final destination in the United States, they made this decision.

Last October, the Mexican president by that time, Enrique Peña Nieto, said that this plan was only for migrants who would be in accordance with Mexican laws.

This will also be the first part of a permanent solution for refugees in Mexico.

He emphasized too that migrants should be registered for asylum to get temporary I.D., job and schooling for their children.

In November, in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, 225 Central American migrants have got formal jobs offers from, at least, 60 enterprises, as described ADN Político.

This day, 400 people applied between 50 Mexicans and 350 immigrants.

Central American immigrants
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History continues in 2019

The first caravan of Central American immigrants of 2019 just arrived in Mexico weeks ago.

The group, made up of approximately 1,000 people, came to Mexico to obtain, during the next five days, a card that enables them to work and study in the Aztec country, as review ABC.

According to the National Institute of Migration of Mexico (INM), only those immigrants who travel inside the caravan due to humanitarian reasons will have this benefit.

The current Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said, during a press conference that if they are introduced into their territory, their protection must be guaranteed.

Thus, the chief executive has executed a promise made in October of last year, when it proposed to offer work visas to all immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

This is an unprecedented migration policy in the history of the country.

So far, 969 migrants have entered Mexico, according to a statement from the INM.

Central American immigrants
Photography: Internet

However, the group’s size is around 1,800, corresponding to the Guatemalan Migration Institute.

Among this group, 1,700 are from Honduras and 107 from Salvador.

The organization “Doctors Without Borders” estimates that each year about 500,000 Central Americans leave their homes to go to North America.

They’ve made this forming a huge group that allows them to protect themselves from criminal groups.

For the first time, Mexico has offered Central American immigrants, who are running from poverty and precarious conditions, a work permit thanks to the international interest in the group.

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