Top Three the Best Yoga Positions for Beginners to Start Right Now

If you’re trying to make a change in your life and going into the wellness and fitness world, exercising your body and soul, yoga is the best way. To start, you should know that there are more than 100 yoga physical positions (called asanas), but we are going to show you our top three for the best yoga positions for beginners like you.


Straight as a table, on your hands and toes, lift your legs up off the mat or floor, engage your abs, keep your shoulders lined up with your arms and breathe deeply and with consciously for around 8 or 10 times.

This position teaches us how to get the balance of our body while we are on our hands. It helps our core, strengthens it, and plus, we can learn how to breath to keep up this challenging pose.

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Mountain Pose

This pose is very simple as important. It is the base for standing poses in yoga and gives you the sensation of stability, besides, offers you the elemental feeling of connecting with the earth below you.

You stand with your feet together, press down your toes, and then spread them open. Subsequently, involve your quadriceps to uplift your leg and put the kneecaps through the inner thighs. Take your abdominals in and up to lift your chest and press the shoulders down.

Put your hands’ palms facing inwards towards the body.

Breathing is very important, so, hold it between 5 or 8 breaths.

This position is also known as Tadasana.

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It comes from the Mountain pose and it’s great to work on standing balance. This translates into focus and clarity, which offers great benefits on breathing. Besides, who doesn’t want to learn how to keep balance in one foot?

Start with the Mountain pose and place the right foot on your inner left thigh, put your hands in prayer position and, to concentrate, find a spot in front of you to keep a steady gaze.

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These three asanas, or yoga positions, are good to get into the yoga world. However, you must advance and go with professionals involved in the area, to make sure you’re doing a good job.

Asanas give beneficial effects in terms of flexibility, balance, strength, breathing, reduce stress, and brings positive results according to people who’s been suffering for some diseases as asthma and diabetes. Plus, when you get really through it, helps to control your mind, to gain an emotional, spiritual and physical connection.    


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