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As we approach the holidays many people find themselves struggling through these usually joyful times because of health issues, or loss of employment.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to lend a helping hand to those in need,  It is also an excellent opportunity to teach our children how to be compassionate  Here are a few simple projects that families could do in our area to help those in need.
The Holiday Project
This wonderful organization gathers homemade holiday cards to distribute to those who are in nursing care or other similar facilities.  These cards brighten the life of the elderly and the ill.  They accept cards made by all ages.  Check out their website at to see suggestions for card making and for the address to send your completed cards to. I promise you will enjoy the creative experience of making the cards and the chance to brighten someone’s day.
Houston Food Band

There is probably nothing more disheartening for a parent than not having enough food to feed your children.  It is especially difficult during the holidays when we associate eating abundantly as part of our celebration. We can all contribute to making sure everyone in our community is well fed.  Organizing a food drive is easy. The Houston food bank will provide you with bins, bags, and printable posters and flyers.  Your family can canvas the neighborhood, asking for donations or you can form a group with your fellow church members or Bunko group.  Just make sure and register at so you can receive their toolkit and supplies.  Once you have gathered the can goods, you can deliver them to the Houston Food Bank at535 Portwall St, Houston,TX 77029 or leave them in the Red Barrel at your local grocery store.

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