Coworking spaces: the whole new experience of working

Coworking is a new concept of work, which is really considered by many, more as a shared space, where entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers or entrepreneurs coexist and work together within a given space. 

However, beyond just sharing a common area, one of the main objectives of this concept is to encourage brainstorming, feedback, worker productivity, networking and collaborations that can be obtained within it, thanks to the diversity of fields that lie in this type of space generates better opportunities at a professional, personal and social level.

This term, despite being recognized today, had been forming for a long time ago.

In the 90s, specifically in the middle of the decade, one of the first spaces categorized as coworking was born in Germany, according to Web find you.

coworking spaces
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The project, called BerlinBackbone, included an area where different people, in community, had the possibility to work under one roof.

Likewise, it was not until the end of the 90s that the name and concept of coworking were made official by Bernie Dekoven, a writer, humorist, video game designer, and American theorist.

He referred to collective work and collaboration between people like coworking, mentioning the power that computers had to achieve that.

The opening of the first official coworking space took place in 2005 thanks to Brad Neuberg, in San Francisco, United States.

This place offered the public five to eight desks, as well as different services such as meditation rooms, wifi network, food, massages, among other recreational activities. 

The project had to close sometime later; nevertheless, another coworking space was introduced, this being the first one that offered the service and the complete resources to be called an integral coworking.

Over the years, coworking spaces have evolved from being just accounting offices around the world to an innovative concept that even large companies such as Facebook and Google have adopted within their facilities. 

Thus, Europe has been the main continent that has adopted this trend of coworking, and even according to a report, the proliferation of this model of spaces has been latent in Spain, where is 20% of the total coworking spaces in Europe, just in front of France and Germany.

As mentioned, companies such as Google and Facebook have been fans and believers in the adaptation of shared spaces that stimulate the productivity of workers.

This is something that the concept of coworking has as one of its characteristics.

coworking spaces
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Advantages of the coworking concept

They offer a variety of plans or packages that adjust to the hours you need to work, these can range from just one month, to rent space for a few weeks.

Renting your space in a coworking requires a considerably lower expense because you would be sharing the place with other people and the contract itself, it is just a space for you.

You have your own job.

Many coworking services include meeting rooms, which you can have at your disposal for meetings with clients or collaborators.

You can frequent with different professionals in the most pleasant space, making the networking easy.

Many of the coworking spaces are designed to encourage the creativity of workers.

In order to, they organize events and activities such as exhibitions, conferences, courses or training that are useful both to draw relationships and to learn something new.

Of course, one of the most important advantages of coworking spaces is that they have an excellent fiber-optic Internet connection and broadband.

So, if you are a freelancer or a startup CEO, these are the places for you. 

Give them a try!

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