Listen to Music When You Work or Study Improves Your Efficiency

We are sure you have been through some hard times when concentrating on the studies, the tasks that we have pending, or work have been difficult. But, listen to music is a good solution for that.

This comes with the consequent loss of time and few results obtained. 

However, the cognitive abilities that allow us to reason, memorize and solve problems can be stimulated if we use the appropriate music. 

This is called “The Mozart Effect”, and we are going to explain it later.

We will be more relaxed, entertained and we will increase our performance exponentially.

What types of music are good to concentrate at these moments?

All the experts agree that the music to be memorized should be calm and harmonious.

Therefore, the first option that comes to mind is classical music. 

It is not advisable to use songs with lyrics, as this could distract us quite often. Although, some of them may use it, right?

listen to music
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“The Mozart effect”

Don Campbell is the author of the work “The Mozart Effect”, which speaks of the positive effect that classical music has on the body and mind.

It favors creativity, especially in the youngest ones, according to Música instantánea

Therefore, if this style you like is an excellent choice to study.

According to Música Barroca, The Mozart Effect offers these benefits:

Improves test results.

Reduce learning time.

Calm little hyperactive and adults.

Reduce failures.

Improves inventiveness and clarity.

Heals the fastest body.

It integrates both sides of the brain for the most effective education.

Propose IQ scores nine points, according to research done at the University of California, Irvine.

Listen to music you like!

Instrumental music, especially on piano accompanied by sounds of nature, also causes tranquility and improves learning processes. 

We can even opt for chill-out electronic music, which balances the activity of the hemispheres of the brain and produces similar effects to the previous ones.

If you are thinking about what is the best music to memorize exams or improve your capacity while working, be aware that there are many factors that can limit the performance during of any person. 

For example, if you are tired, there is a lot of noise, you just got up or just the task you are doing you do not like too much. 

However, sometimes we are forced to study or work even in less optimal conditions.

Therefore, you should carefully choose to listen to music to memorize based on your current status. 

Imagine it is night and you want to go to bed and zero in the mood to work. 

If you decide on light instrumental music with water sounds you will probably end up asleep. 

In these cases, better bet on something more entertaining but not distracting.

Classical music, chill out, or melodies with changes in rhythms and melodies that will help you stay awake are the best choice.

Now, will you try to listen to music that boosts your intelligence? Tell us how did it go!

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