Entrepreneurship, Ideas for Opportunities that Might Change the World

If you don’t know what entrepreneurship is, we are going to tell you.

It is known to the attitude and aptitude that an individual takes to start a new project through ideas and opportunities, according to Significados

Entrepreneurship is a term widely used in business, by virtue of its relationship with the creation of companies, new products or innovation thereof.

The word entrepreneurship is of French origin entrepreneur which means ‘pioneer’. 

However, in the twentieth century, the economist Joseph Schumpeter places the entrepreneur as the center of the economic system, mentioned that “the gain comes from change, and this is produced by the innovative entrepreneur”.

Entrepreneurship has its origin at the beginning of humanity since men are characterized by taking risks in order to generate opportunities for economic growth that can provide a better quality of life both to themselves and their families.

Entrepreneurship is essential in societies because it allows companies to seek innovations and transform knowledge into new products. 

There are even higher-level courses that aim to train qualified individuals to innovate and modify organizations, thus modifying the economic scenario.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that in times of economic crisis in a country emerge entrepreneurs, that is, by the crisis that it triggered in the economic, social and environmental, specifically high levels of unemployment, which allows individuals to transform in entrepreneurs by necessity, to generate an income for themselves, and their family.

With reference to the previous point, several theorists indicate that the best innovations have been initiated in times of crisis.

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What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who starts a business with the goal of making a profit, according to Oberlo

This definition of an entrepreneur can be a little vague, but for good reason, since an entrepreneur can be from a person who establishes his first online store or a freelancer or independent professional who has just started.

The reason why they are considered entrepreneurs, although some do not agree, is because where they start is not necessarily where they end up. 

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a second business that can eventually become a sustainable business and full time, and even more employees. 

The same happens with the independent professional. 

If you want to create a profitable business, you enter the definition of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs see possibilities and solutions where the average person only sees discomfort and problems.

Types of Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship

Business entrepreneurship has its advantages. 

First of all, that of generating income, jobs. 

Then, it allows the individual to be their own boss, and therefore, to manage their own time and make their own decisions.

Cultural entrepreneurship

Cultural entrepreneurship can be seen as the generator of companies or cultural organizations with the aim of not losing the meaning, or the symbolic value of products and customs belonging to a country.

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship seeks to satisfy the needs of the society in which it operates.

As such, social entrepreneurship is a person or organization that attacks community problems, whether socially, economically, and culturally.

In reference to this point, there is a distinction between business entrepreneurship since the latter seeks profits for the entrepreneur, while social entrepreneurship seeks solutions that improve society without any economic gain.

Entrepreneurship and management

Management is called diligence to get something or resolve a matter, administrative or involves documentation. 

It aims to improve the productivity and competitiveness of a company.

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