Best Jobs Worldwide to Live Your Life out of 9 to 5

If you think that you are a banker, a football player, an artist or any other job like that, thin again if you really have one of the best jobs worldwide.

There are a lot of professions that we do not even know they exist, but they are really good, enjoyable a give a different spark to life.

Different jobs are far away from what we could call boring office jobs.

They could give, for sure, the amount of happiness to live with.

Many of these tasks are related to leisure, which also needs its professionals, right?

Some people make their living playing video games, tasting food or watching movies.

According to El Confidencial, we leave you a list with the best jobs worldwide you could imagine to do.

Luxury product tester

This job offer was published by the website specializing in high-end services VeryFirstTo.

This web demanded high knowledge of gastronomy and the latest technological trends.

As well as “experience in the luxury market“.

For example: be able to distinguish a roar of a Bentley or a Lexus.

Guardian of deserted islands

Surely very different from the job of security guards who dedicate their nights to walk through empty streets or buildings.

That’s what thought the 35,000 people who chose to take care of Hamilton Island.

This island is located on the Great Barrier Reef, northeast of Australia.

Sadly, there could only be one winner for the post, and that was Ben Southall.

The 24-year-old guy was able to explore the island for six months in exchange for 111,000 dollars.

Traveler around the world

The travel company Jauntaroo give an award to Tyson Mayr, to travel around the world and write about it in a blog.

Bad? Not at all!

A price? The amount of $ 100,000

Mayr will visit 50 countries, including Germany, Jamaica, the Maldives, and the Bahamas.

What is needed to qualify for the position?

The generosity of spirit, feeling comfortable traveling to exotic destinations, being always ready to tweet and the ability to locate content that can arouse a smile in readers.

So sad and difficult job!

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Lego Sculptor

Lego has a small number of professionals destined to devise new products and models.

It estimates the real number of these workers in the world go just from 9 to 30.

Plus, these experts are chosen in a competition where they can show all their skills.

Professional sleeper

For 99.9% of the population, the day consists of waking up startled, jumping out of bed and head down to work.

For this 0.00001%, your day to day consists of getting down at work, getting into bed and sleeping soundly.

Sounds crazy, but the goal of these professionals is to be part of university experiments.

Other cases, these are due to the mattress companies and they simply have to check if the new mattresses are comfortable enough.

Now, if you have an eccentric job that we could call one of the best ever, tell us about it!

We are sure will envy you!

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