Mexamericans: the Result of Massive Immigration for Years

The global migration movements are changing all the population. In the United States, a cultural phenomenon has come up: the Mexamericans.

Mexamericans are, according to BBC Mundo, the number of Mexicans living in North America’s country, corresponding to data from Pew Research Center and the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE).

But, to begin with, as expected, Mexamerica doesn’t exist.

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Mexamerica, a culture born

Fey Berman, journalist designated herself as Mexamerican, explain this happening in her book “Mexamerica, a culture born”, 2017.

Berman explores, in this work, the diversity and history of Mexicans living in the United States.

This, through 16 stories and interviews produced over a decade.

American journalist Joel Garreau introduced the “Mexamerica” concept in 1981.

And according to the writer, “is the most neutral term in the United States to describe the long Mexican diaspora”.

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Nacion 321, describes that the outlook for Mexicans (Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican-Americans, Chicanos…) darkened with the arrival of Trump for the presidency of the United States, but this community will continue to grow.

In the book, Berman assures in a series of essays, that these are difficult times for Mexicans because of the “narrative full of hatred and supported by ignorance that describes them as criminals and job thieves”.

For the journalist, this Mexamerican mix is not pure Mexican culture on North American land, since this way of life has infiltrated the values and forms of the Anglo-Saxon.  

The Mexamerican population is growing up

In an interview for the aforementioned Latinamerican journal, Berman explains that the Mexican phenomenon is the result of the largest diaspora in the history of the planet and it’s not temporary.

“The Mexican population is currently around 37,5 million people”, said Berman.

“25 million of them were born in the United States and the rest, 12,5 millions of people are immigrants”. 

In addition, Berman added that more than half are legal residents and only 16% of the Mexican population is undocumented.

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The author says that the American people have two versions on the subject of the Mexicans.

One is composed of those that feel proud and call themselves a diverse country.

Opposite, with a strong speaker, Donald Trump, is the extremism.

This version shields itself in a false patriotism to show its rejection to cultural and ethnic diversity.

Despite the cons of the issue, there’s a positive part for Mexamericans and it’s that a segment has achieved the “American dream” and have had a success story in North American country.

Although the migratory situation it’s not the best, above all, Mexamericans are still in the country building it up.


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