4 Low Budget Ideas to Decorate Your Home Like You Always Wanted

Once in a while, our home sweet home needs a change, that’s why we want to show you these five low budget ideas to bring back the glow to your place.

These options are great when we don’t count on with all the money that requires to make a fulfilled decoration.

In exchange, you’re going to need imagination, time and want to have some fun.

Here are four ideas you won’t miss.

Paint half of the walls

Dicoro suggests that if the budget is reduced, a good option would be to paint half of the wall.

The lower part of the wall could be painted, and the upper part stays as before and that will make a chance on the appearance of the area.

Depending on the original wall, you can choose a dark color in contrast or a trendy clear color to get a more chic and romantic look.

Advantage? You can do it yourself! No need a professional, you will only have to protect floors, furniture and just be a little more careful.

Plus it’s a trend, it gives personality to the room and you can play with colors to create different environments. Probably no one else will have the same decoration than you.

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Make an original library

If you have a bookshelf full of books in the room, take that free time and reorder them sometimes.

You can combine books in different positions, with little details, like drawings, pictures, photo frames, to get an artistic look, full of personality.

Play with the color palette, sizes or specialties, to order your books on shelves.

A fabulous idea? Choose reorganize your books by colors to create a rainbow or a library that goes gradually from dark to light tones. Perfect effect!

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Use wooden recycled boxes as shelves

When it comes to talking about low budget ideas, this one has five stars.

This can help us transform our living room creating a unique shelf full of personality that we all want to copy.

You can make them in a variety of sizes, colors, and put them in the walls according to your needs.

Another idea to recycle wooden boxes is to join them together and turn them into standing shelves that can even serve to separate environments inside the room. Amazing!

These boxes are not just good for shelves. You can put it some wheels and voilá! You have a sofa or living table.

As we said before, you only need a little imagination.

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Repaint the chairs you already have

A fashionable tip: those wooden chairs for dining table, or those another on the corner, can look like brand new with a touch of color.

You can paint each one on a different color or all of them on the same tone.

Remember the first idea? Do it on your chairs! Paint them on half or just a part. Something really trending.

As you can see, we don’t need great mountains of money to own a renew home. Just add creativity, ideas and a hand to help you do it faster to these low budget ideas and you will create magic. 

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