Kids Party on the Way? Follow These Steps to Plan it With No Worries!

When you think of kids party, we’re sure it comes to your mind a big piñata, children running all over the place, and a big cake.

But, for this kind of event, there’s a lot to more to consider.

Let us show you some tips from ABC del bebé to organize your party and be number one on your guests top five.

Know what your child wants for the party

Don’t forget, for no reason, that your kid is the center of the party.

So, little one’s tastes should prevail over yours.

Be aware of who your son is, their character, the way to enjoy and the dreams that he or she would live the celebration day.

The main goal of the party is to offer a moment of happiness to your kid, so his/her needs, according to the age, should be cover.

Always think about the activities they could enjoy, not you.  

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Plan according to your budget

Second point but first of all.

Always, before hiring any service for invitations, food, decoration, plays, gifts, or buying anything, establish your budget for the kid’s party and make your best for not to get out of it.

Event planners and agencies are always going to offer you additional options that could significantly increase the numbers you wanted to invest initially.

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Guests’ list: who’s in and who’s out

When you talk to your child, ask who wants to be with that day.

Afterward, include those mandatory other family members, like uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents…

And be sure to be specific on the list: how many children and how many adults will be invited and consider the possibility that people who did not count would attend, such as children parents and siblings.

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Perfect place

Outdoors or indoors? Both are good options, but it is necessary to consider several aspects to choose the place.

Open places are delightful, but the weather may play a trick.

You can pick a place where children may have their own space, safe and independent of the area which adults will be located.

Otherwise, you can choose a single environment, where children and adults can be together, as the first may be able to interact in recreation activities.

There are places dedicated to children parties. If this is your choice, evaluate that has chairs, tables, bathrooms, and several options that make the party easier and more enjoyable.

A restaurant is also a good option for a kids party, because, besides de establishment, they provide the food, decoration and everything you need to organize the party.

A plus, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the place after the celebration. Good point!

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Food and cake…you can’t miss them!

The best you can do is to create a light menu for children, like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, and chicken nuggets.

You can also offer cotton candy, ice cream, gelatin, flan, and pudding.

A different and healthy alternative, fruits into cubes, with figures and flashy.

Choose strawberries, orange, tangerine, banana and kiwi.

Children don’t worry a lot about eating at the party.

On the other hand, adults expect to receive a rich meal of salt or snack, so this menu should be different.

Finally, when you start planning a kids party, always research, look for options and make the best selections for your budget and your kids, and enjoy!

kids party
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