Renting a New Place? This Is What You Should Know Before You Do It

If you’re going to move, to a new house or apartment, you have to be really careful about the choices you have, in order to not make some mistakes. Renting a new place is a whole new experience and a good opportunity to be meticulous.

Sometimes, experts owners know for sure how to present their properties in such a way that even the ugliest houses start looking like real mansions.

To help you with this, we’re are going to show you a list of things you must do and details to watch before you sign that, possibly, life-changing contract.

Always check wall sockets

According to Genial Guru, one of the first things to do when you visit a possible new home is to check how many wall socket it has.

They must be in every room, otherwise, you will have to mess all the house up with extensions to use all necessary types of equipment and electrical appliances.

renting a new place
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Internet and tv connection is a MUST

Living in the stone age with no tv or internet? We all agree and say a big NO.

When renting a new place, make sure, ahead of time, that there’s the option to hire these services and that the previous tenants have no debts.

renting a new place
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Put a big eye on damp spots

The fungus is despicable and harmful for a construction.

It brings bad smells, don’t look so fancy and they’re difficult to get rid of.

At the same time, breath in fungus spores is dangerous for health.

Always look over all the house to make sure is safe.

They usually grow up in the bathroom, kitchen and next to windows.

Enough space for one car or two?

If you have a car, you’re going to need where to park it.

A garage or a parking lot next to the house are the two options for this.

But, you can also give an around through the neighborhood, and investigate if there is a garage for rent or if you can park in front of the house without getting any fine.

renting a new place
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Pet-friendly place?

If you’re an animal lover and have a furry company, be aware is accepted. Not all owners accept having pets.

On contrary, if your case is that you’re allergic to animals, review earlier tenants didn’t have any, to avoid and affliction or illness for hidden balls of fur.

Make a previous inventory

Together with the owner of the house, make a detailed list of the things that are in the house and that you can use.

Attach the list to the contract so things can keep clear.

It’s the best to write down at once if any of the objects have a defect so that later the owner of the house does not try to blame you for damaging your property.

What if something breaks or damage?

Contract! Always express this point on the contract.

Whether the proprietary or you as a tenant are going to pay for damages, capture it on the contract to avoid misunderstanding.

Any other tips you can give us to be safe when renting a new place? Be confident to tell us!

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