Marie Kondo and Her Organizing Method: Are You Applying It?

We all know for sure that an orderly house produces well-being in our life and our mind. That’s one of the reasons why Japanese Marie Kondo and her organizing method have been so successful.

Marie Kondo has become a bestselling phenomenon thanks to its revolutionary and effective system to maintain that order in a definitive way.

Definitively this is something we’re are going to need because, no matter how much effort we put in, often this harmony usually lasts little.

Who’s Marie Kondo?

According to Westing Magazine, Kondo is a young organization expert who has sold almost four million books.

Also, Times has included her in its list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2015.

She relates that since she was a child, she was obsessed with order.

He began reading decoration magazines with 5 years old, and with 15 she dedicated to studying seriously the art of order and organization.

Now, at the age of 34 years old, she’s a consultant and visits houses and offices to advise those who have difficulty with the practice of order.

For Marie Kondo, the order depends on personal values about how you want to live.

Marie Kondo
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Konmari method

The fundamental base of Konmari method is discarding and keeping only the essential and that makes us happy.

We have to keep things that spark joy.

This process should be done once and without leaving in the middle.

Likewise, Kondo recommends organizing things by category, not separately in different places of the house or office. 

Therefore, we must do research work throughout the house and put together everything we have in the same classification: clothes, books, papers and sentimental objects.

With each category you must do the same: leave all the objects in a pile on the floor to choose one by one what you want to keep.

The Konmari word comes from her name and surname.

Tips to keep things

After the selection process, Marie Kondo offers several tips and tricks to order things more efficiently.

For example, for clothes, recommend dividing garments into subcategories:

-Shirts, blouses, sweaters …
-Pants, skirts, etc.
-Accessories_ scarves, belts, hats …

For Kondo, it is much better to fold the clothes to hang it because with a simple method we can locate it at a glance in the drawer.

The key is to keep clothes vertical and not horizontal.

You have to make several folds in the clothes to get consistency and can hold vertically.

Thus, when we open the drawer we will always have everything in sight.

Marie Kondo
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What about books?

To preserve books, we must follow the same method.

It is important to take each book to find out if you feel pleasure or not when you touch it and imagine what it would be like to have a bookshelf full of books that you love.

Remember, always ask yourself if those objects bring you joy.

Putting things in order also means putting your past in order.

So, if you’re going to apply this method, do it seriously.

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