Simple and Executable Ideas for Decorating Small Gardens

Small gardens are a good refuge at everyone’s home.

It’s the place to relax after a hard day or the spot to recharge batteries before going to work.

The yard is also more than a place for kids to play, but never the hiding place for old and useless pieces of stuff.

There’s a lot of ways to make our garden a joyful and beautiful space, even if it’s just a tiny area.

That’s why we’re going to show you a few deco ideas for small gardens so yours could be practical, functional, plus, beautiful!

First thing in mind: Don’t put limits on the floor’s square feet. You can use walls, high…this could be useful to put some extra plants or objects.

According to Estreno Casa, here are some of the ideas for a one of a kind garden.

Vertical gardens

This has become a very fashionable way in the last years, plus, well maintained to have lovely small gardens.

With the vertical gardens, you can fill your garden green without occupying any useful space for other things or activities.

But wait! You have to really love plants in order to have this kind of garden.

They required a lot of maintenance and watering and pruning is essential.

Think also about the humidity it can generate in the wall on which it rests.

The vertical gardens can be done on a metal mesh placed on the wall.

small gardens
Photography: Internet

Internal gardens

It’s an amazing option for small outdoor spaces.

Guess what? If you have a little entrance of light, either from the ceiling or from a window, you can make a garden inside your house!

And if the entry of light is reduced, look for plants that are well shaded.

small gardens
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Natural ‘living room’

A garden is a place to relax and share.

Those things must be very present when designing small gardens.

Plan where you will find chairs, armchairs, cushions, hammocks or whatever you decide to place in your space.

This way will be a space for receiving visitors, have a cup of coffee, tea or make a little party. Are you in?

small gardens
Photography: Internet

Good lighting: magical gardens

There’s nothing more important to create the dreamed environment, than the good choice and use of lighting.

Just to clear out: lighting is essential in any space of the house.

But, for outdoor spaces, consider the electrical installations (if you are designing the garden for the first time), and the ideal spaces where you will place indirect light.

Good news: there are plenty of weather resistant lamps, so you have more to choose.

LED lights, translucent pots, indirect or direct lights, and lanterns, are just one of the many options to choose, according to your needs and tastes.

Give it a try!

Photography: Internet

To create and play with these (and more) ideas, you have to be a plant, flowers, trees and nature lover.

Choose options you like and integrate them to become small gardens into original spaces.

A final fact: The size of the area for gardens have been decreasing because of big cities growing and square feet high cost.

So, small gardens are the best choice so far.

small gardens
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