Speedgate: Sports and Artificial Intelligence are Joined Together

Technology has always been associated with sports in a popular way since a long time ago, but what if we take that association even further? That is Speedgate.

According to the sports official web, Speedgate is a sport strongly based on teamwork and with the goal to score and win.

This new discipline, which combines elements of croquet, rugby, and soccer, is fun, fast and physical.

Of course, going for victory is applauded and excited but the best is the time full of enjoyment, inclusivity, and sportsmanship.

“Imagine by AI, proven by humans”

This is the phrase that briefly tells us what is Speedgate creation all about.

Artificial Intelligence systems processed around 400 popular sports from around the world.

If you know something about AI, then, this is going to be cool for you.

The AKQA design agency has created this new sport, with its rules and elements, entirely by an Artificial Intelligence.

The Speedgate team used deep learning algorithms, such as text-generating RNNs to image-generating DCGANs.

This in order to create ideas for every aspect of the new sport: gameplay, rules, logo and much more.

More than 1,000 outputs passed through analysis and were reduced to ten potential concepts, and, three of them were field tested.

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A new era for reborn of sports?

Sports have been between us for thousands of years.

In this time, there have been thousands of sports disciplines created by a human being.

Now, new sports have been born, but anything with this level of technology.

AKQA was commissioned to start filtering to stay with a few candidates, and in the end, after a lot of game’s tests to certify its viability, Speedgate was the winner.

In fact, the AI ​​even designed the logo and slogan of the game, according to AS.

How to play Speedgate?

A field with three doors – two clubs stuck in the grass – one central and two lateral as goals.

6 players per team, 3 forwards and 3 defenders.

A 4’ rugby ball to pass with the hands or boot with the foot and several rules.

The main one is to pass the ball through the center door every time you try to shoot at goal.

If you do not pass before the center, it’s not worth even if you can score.

Speedgate was created as an exercise for the Design Week and now is a great AI project.

Currently, AKQA is in talks with the Oregon State Sports Authority, and there could be a local league on the Speedgate summer. Are you in?

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