7 Things You Want To Be Looking For in a Nanny

When choosing a nanny you want someone to give the same care and protection to your kid as you when you aren’t around. Unfortunately it can be very hard sometimes to choose a good nanny which can make a lot of complications in our personal and professional life. Everytime you leave your kid with someone else to take care of your kid you need to make sure of their physical and mental safety.
Considering the dire need we have collected seven important things you should be looking for in a nanny before hiring her.


Of Course the top most characteristic is her love for children. education , profession and experience are important but these things won’t make her a great caregiver as well. Being caring and loving will form the foundation of a good nanny. So make sure to chose someone who loves and enjoys the company of kids.


A nanny must be true to her commitments and must be very punctual. If she has makes an appointment it’s important that she shows up well on time. If she makes commitments and doesn’t follow through then she is not the one to be trusted. Make sure that she respects and values your and her own words and time.



Handling kids needs a lot of patience and hence your nanny must have loads of it. Understanding kids and explaining things to kids cannot be done with impatience. Best nannies are cool under pressure and can tackle challenges well.


Nanny job doesn’t come with set hours of work specially if you are single parent or both parents are at work. So built in flexibility is very important, if a situation comes where can’t make it back home or an emergency come she can take care of your children.



Good professionals and nannies are able to communicate well whether it’s the way she communicates with your child or if it’s when she have to address a situation. Communication is the key to any good work relation. Therefore she must be very open and communicative about everything without hesitation.



Your nanny is going to have to make loads of decisions on her own when you are not around. These decisions can be very serious involving your child’s health, wellbeing and behaviour all day long. So it’s important that she is smart and intelligent, able to make the right decisions at the right time.




Making sure you nanny is emotionally and physically very well put together is very important. She should be dressed well because its gonna have an impact on your child as well. It’s important her emotions don’t get to her head and she is poised always being in her best behaviour.
Schedule a test run before you actually hire her and also make sure to keep your self aware about her time to time.

I hope you have a great and smooth journey looking for a nanny and you make the best decisions. If this article is helpful mention down below and let us know of any tips you might have share them with us. Cheers !!!

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