I can’t live without my favorite fast food apps.  These are my current favorites:

 Daily Deals 


No one beats the McDonald app for consistently offering deals that will save you money.  I love a good buy one, get one free and there is always one to be found on this app.  My husband and I are especially fond of the “Buy one Sausage Egg McGriddle, Get one for a penny!” Who can resist that? Also if you are going to McDonalds  on your own, there are deals for that.  One deal I frequently see is Free Large Soft drink with a minimum purchase of $1. Also for you coffee lovers, every 6th cup off coffee is free when using your app #mcdonaldsdailydeals, #mcdonaldssavingsSonic drive thru1/2 Price DrinksThere is nothing like a cold beverage in the hot Texas weather.  I love Sonic because I can customize my drink.  For me, the current favorite is Diet Coke with cranberry flavoring, and a  wedge of fresh lime.  Aw, so refreshing and delicious.  Right now if you order your drink online before going to Sonic, you can have your drink 1/2 off  any time of day. Actually this deal has been going on for a couple months now.  I’m not sure how long it will last, but I say use it while you can. They will also send you emails letting you know when they have daily specials like .99 cent corn dogs and mozzarella sticks.chick fil aReward PointsWho doesn’t love some Chick-fil -A chicken nuggets and waffle fries dipped in Chick fi-A sauce.  Yum!  Did you know you can earn points with every purchase at Chick fil A?  Once you accumulate these points, you can then redeem them for available food rewards of your choice. Remember all these apps are free to download. Get started today! 

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