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Home Office Jobs: a New and Comfortable Way for Making Money

Like almost everything in life, home office jobs has its pros and cons, believe it or not.

For sure, there are many more advantages than disadvantages. 

Therefore, more and more people are trying to find a job that allows them to develop their professional activity from home.

Plus, at the same time, there are more and more opportunities for them.

A study by the human resources company Global Workplace Analytics, according to El Confidencial, figures more than 4 million the number of Americans working from home.

That is just over 3 percent of the total workforce. 

In Spain, for example, some estimates that there are almost one and a half million workers who carry out their activity without having to leave their home.

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Professionals most demanded

Some professions have grown more than 50 percent in their teleworking offers. 

The best opportunities in the United States are offered to mathematicians and economists.

Best part? Salaries can reach $ 117,000 a year to work as an analyst, mathematical programmer, data scientist or math teacher.

Not bad at all!

The second sector that best pays its professionals who work from home is insurance.

Average salaries vary between $ 58,000 and $ 106,000. 

This field is a good opportunity for the specialists in loss control, premium auditors, claims representatives or subscription managers.

Completing the podium of the most demanded home office jobs are those who work for NGOs and charities. 

National fundraising directors, program managers, policy managers, grant makers, and association managers can earn $ 116,000 by working from home.

Besides these three positions, the world of engineering is also evolving towards a sector in which the worker is at home. 

The average salary for a project manager is between 83,000 and 152,000 dollars per year, but there are other profiles that also have their opportunity as solution engineers, software engineers, automation experts, and design technicians.

But working from home is now within reach of any professional. 

Are you a marketing expert? Ok, you no longer have to be locked in an office and can telecommute as product managers, marketing specialists, operations managers or digital marketing analysts. 

The average salary of marketing directors is around $ 63,000.

Also, the real state world has opportunities for this way of doing the job.

So, if you are looking for refreshment in your professional life, this is a good way to try. Are you in?


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