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Opportunities for Students in Latin America Open Doors to The Work Field

Several countries offer opportunities for students in Latin American interested in scholarships to improve their professional options.

In Mexico, the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA) gives annually one of the scholarships that have sought to promote the work of artists with different programs.

Young Creators program is one of the most popular of the FONCA and is based on presenting a work of own creation, which participants will develop for 12 months. 

For this year, it will be from December 1, 2019, to November 30, 2020. 

Applicants must be between 18 to 34 years of age, can be Mexican or foreigners, but must prove permanent residence. 

They could also participate who in the past were already beneficiaries.

Photography: Internet

However, according to Milenio, they can only do so in the 10 disciplines that it integrates.

These are Architecture, Applied Arts, including editorial design, jewelry, furniture, textile objects; Popular arts and traditions.

Visual arts: drawing, sculpture, photography, graphics, alternative media and performance, graphic narrative and painting.

Dance, which includes choreography, set design, lighting, sound, and costumes. 

Literature includes categories of Short story, Creative essay, Novel, Poetry, Letters in indigenous languages (Chronicle and historical narrative, Short story and novel, Dramaturgy, Creative essay, Radio script, Poetry)

For lovers of media, Audiovisual media in categories of Screenplay, New technologies, and Video.

Music goes with Acoustic composition, electroacoustic and electronic media, Composition of other genres, and Theater with Stage direction, Set design, lighting, sound and costumes, Dramaturgy.  

For the 2019 call, 225 scholarships were offered, in three categories according to the experience of the creator: minimum, medium and broad trajectory.

Among the requirements, applicants must fill out a form explaining the objectives they will develop each month. 

Those selected go through three phases: administrative, if it complies with the documents, technical, to clear definition of the project, curriculum voucher, and support material; and resolutive which is trajectory, originality of the proposal, viability. 

The beneficiaries get a monthly scholarship of 8 thousand 532,20 pesos.

Otherwise, in the south of the continent, in Argentine, more than 30,000 young people have already registered for the fourth edition of Expo Empleo.

Students in Latin America not only have the chance to the job of the study but find the job of their dreams.

This is the fair of job opportunities organized by the Government of the City and that will take place today, June 26, at La Rural de Palermo.

According to iProfesional, participate more than 300 leading companies in this fair that in addition to putting young people in contact with potential employers offers counseling and training activities.

The fair is aimed at people aged 15 to 35.

And, so far, has already generated more than 10,000 jobs and awarded 20,000 scholarships through the #Potenciate program, as the metropolitan authorities said in a statement.

Young people can register through the web page of #Potenciate, where you will then obtain an access credential with a QR code through which companies will access your CV information.

Among the novelties of this year, there are new methods of training, evaluation, and analysis according to the new tools used by the selection technicians.

These are MasterClass, Skill Test, Escape Room, Employment Pitch, Portfolio Day and Instagram CV.

Students in Latin America have opportunities to grow in their professional fields.

Just be prepared and ready when the chance knocks your door.


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